5 Genius Bloggers Tools for Writing, Proofreading, SEO, and Marketing




Blogging has become the fastest mean to earn money online.  Although, it requires an extreme level of skills, dedication, and passionate for bloggers. Success through blogging doesn’t come fortnight. Every blogger needs a blogging strategy before starting out.

There are few tools a beginner to blogging can utilize to make the task easy. If you are new to blogging or want become successful, then read these amazing bloggers tools for writing, proofreading, SEO and marketing.

1. Microsoft Word Document

We cannot utmost the importance of Microsoft word document. It is the most effective way for beginners to get started writing. Microsoft Word is the only tool in the world with vast formatting options. Especially, if you want to write a long document with several sectors or headers then Microsoft Word got our covered.

2. Google Doc

Google doc is a word processor. It is a free writing tool for beginners. Google Doc is a web-based application within its Google Drive service. It also includes Google Sheets, Google presentation, and more. Google Doc is an awesome tool for bloggers for smart editing, styling, format text, and paragraphs.

3. Hemingway App

As new to SEO writing developing a perfectly Flesch content was a struggle. Then one day I find this SEO writing tool – Hemingway app. Hemingway is another yet popular free writing tool for bloggers to improve Flesch writing. To get a start, log in to the website and start writing. The app highlights common error in English writing bold and clear.

4. Scrivener

Scrivener is a web and mobile-based word precession program for every type of writer. Many popular authors, copywriters, journalists, novelists, lawyers, and translator use Scrivener. Scrivener is reliable document content tracking software. Content is a core ingredient to every blogger. You can keep track of writing style with a neat integration of Scrivener and ProWritingAid. Both the writing tools work well together. ProWritingAid imports Scrivener folder. Thereby, deliver detailed writing analysis.

5. ProWritingAid

Become a smart writer with ProWritingAid. The pro writing tool features grammar checking extension, style editor, and writing mentor. Writers use ProWritingAid to polish the prose. It keeps an eye on cliche writing to ensure avoid the short and snappy sentence. Moreover, the writing tool identifies passive voice sentence indicating the wrong form of English writing. ProWritingAid is an excellent writing analysis tool.

6. Sumo

Sumo (formerly known as SumoMe) is an easier way to turn visitors into leads for bloggers. Sumo is the world’s prettiest free blogging tool for professionals. It allows bloggers to add social buttons, traffic analytics, and email capture form. Sumo bloggers tool is free to use.

7. Revive Old Post

Revive Old Post is an effective tool to make automate content sharing. The tool integrates directly to WordPress post. It works by selecting a random post from the archive to share at regular intervals. Although, it is not a cheap tool like abovementioned. But it reduces the amount of time. It takes hours for new bloggers to find the old post for sharing. Revive Old Post is a great tool to update their social feeds.

8. Canva

Canva is my personal favourite graphic design tool. It is a free to premium web and mobile-based to build beautiful designs with your team. Canva designing and editing tool are easy to use for beginners. The drag and drop, multitude templates, and vast database are some few features. Canva.com makes photo and video editing amazingly simple feature.


Above mention, blogging tools have helped millions of bloggers make money online. As a blogger, you can grow and expand audience reach by developing great content, excellent graphics, and scheduling post. Plus, most of the tools on the list are free or affordable to use.

About the author, Tanisha Mittal

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