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Every digital marketer needs an excellent piece of content. According to Google resources, content is a key to rank any website. Besides, the content has the power to attract and engage the audience.

The outcome of great content is not the only measure in terms of ranking, but also be determined via conversion rate. Finding a writer with search engine optimization knowledge can be daunting. Regardless, the term SEO writer is a misnomer.

What is the difference between SEO content writing and copywriter? Who is an SEO copywriter? Why do you need an SEO content writer?

From time to time these questions pop up within the SEO community. The fact is both the types of writing is essential for online business conversion. Perhaps, many marketers fail to understand the main difference.

Hiring the wrong professional for a skilled task can result in a lack of quality work. Let’s finally put the question to test and overview to SEO expertise into copywriting and content writing.

What is Content Writing?

Content writing is an act of creating valuable content for a specific objective. For instance, business, news, marketing and more. Often, the sole purpose of content is to attract the potential audience. Besides, educate them about brand product and services.  The technical need of an SEO content writer is essential for higher ranking factor.

Some popular form of content is:

  • Blog
  • Articles
  • Web content
  • White paper
  • Press release
  • Ad copy
  • Script

Relationship of Content Writing With Content Marketing

Content writing and marketing go hand in hand. A great content writing means creating content to market. An alluring content helps reach the target audience and reach its marketing objective. Below are important steps to curate striking content –

Curate content with correct meaning, structure, and elements

  1. Create content with outreach element including purpose, structure, and form
  2. Content should offer a rich experience
  3. Precise content with prove results
  4. Build trust among the audience
  5. Backup your topic argument
  6. Make clear language and concise brand statement

Don’t assume that the audience will understand automatically. You are required to make a clear statement to support your argument. Therefore, a perfect content is what solves audience problems.

What is SEO Copywriting?

SEO copywriting is a form of online content writing. It is a unique form of writing which requires specialized skills of

  • Market research,
  • Consumer research,
  • Business research,
  • Keyword research, and
  • Understanding of how Google search engines work and etc
  • Keyword density

Who is an SEO Copywriter?

Let’s begin with a simple SEO copywriter definition. SEO copywriting is an art and science of writing text with the intent of marketing. However, the key distinction is that the text is SEO optimized. SEO copywriter aims to achieve specialize content that includes

  • Content keyphrase – words a user search online to find information
  • Help online content to rank higher in search results
  • Drive quality organic traffic

Why hire an SEO Copywriter?

A good SEO copywriting service helps the business to

  • Find the right keywords that drive sales
  • Connect with a target audience
  • Skillful weaving of keywords into the copy
  • Improve organic search visibility
  • Drive website traffic
  • Take advantage of competitors weakness
  • Convert website visitors to leads
  • Establish brand online authority

To summarise, SEO content is master-piece that drive sales for the website. Exactly, a business owner should look for to expand market reach.

Why Rely on an SEO Copywriter?

SEO copywriter is one of the best ways to ensure that you create quality, relatable, cohesive content across the board. In addition to SEO, the copywriter can elevate the content marketing strategy, you can also compete with bigger brands, thereby establishing yourself as an industry leader.

About the author, Tanisha Mittal

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