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The career in digital marketing, there’s no better time than now if you’re looking to break into the digital marketing industry. Digital marketing is the most active and fastest growing industry in the world. The growth can credit to worldwide digitization trends. According to, every minute, an estimated 650,000 number of search queries are made on Google. More than 7,00,000 status updates, 700 videos are hosted on YouTube, 65,000 tweets, over 5,00,000 comments are posted on Facebook, and 180 million emails are sent. Similarly, the digital economy is growing at a fast pace with 10 times faster than the traditional economy. This, as a result, reduced the skill gap of 9,00,000 vacancies by 2015 (Silicon Republic).


Here are few tips for aspiring digital marketers who wish to kick-start their career in digital marketing.


Desire To Learn

The digital marketing industry is highly competitive. It’s easy for employers to identify between applicants who are willing to learn and who are along for a ride. Undoubtedly, the industry demands passionate people who desire to succeed.


Stay Ahead

Pursue the major digital marketing news and trends to stay ahead in the competition. Follow the digital marketing sites and influential people on social media. As the major players like Facebook, Google, and Twitter regularly update their platforms and algorithms, you need to be well-informed in advance. Hence, keep a track on the latest updates in the industry.


Maintain A Professional Network

It’s no secret that networking is one of the most time-worthy efforts. Surround yourself with talented people. The people you’ll meet will act as your ongoing network support. Besides, you will get an ongoing support network as well as help you to guide.

Attend conferences and meetups to foster relationships with other digital marketers. However, this will enhance your skill set through detailed presentations and workshops.


Build Creative Projects

Don’t just follow industry leaders and explore new ideas. You can take reference from them to come up with your own opinions. A career in digital marketing can only be survived if you’re a creative person, who can actually get results for brands. Every digital marketer should build a personal project to determines theories effectiveness. In addition, try multiple disciplines like SEM, SEO, content marketing, PPC etc. Hence, be accountable for the or failure of a project.


Get Certified

Completing a certification course in digital marketing will give you a chance to stand out from your peers in the industry. Though there are no barriers to enter the digital marketing industry and anyone can lose grasp of the industry terminology to get a potential position in the company.

Moreover, as the industry matures, employers are becoming more digital-savvy and likely to hire candidates with a qualification to avoid costly mistakes.


Become a Market Specialist

A digital marketer has a broad knowledge covering a wide aspect of digital tactics with in-depth knowledge. In addition, a basic understanding of multiple marketing disciplines. However, you should specialize at least in one or two specific skills. This will boost your digital marketing career.

It’s common for employers to find candidates with a broad range of digital marketing skills. These skills are a valuable asset as consider cross-purpose between varied platforms. However, it equips you to choose a more specific path based on specialization.


Learn the Terms

An understanding of digital marketing terminology is a vitally important trait for a successful digital marketer. For example, learn the popular terms like SEO, SEM, PPC, etc. The list of terms is vast and with a misunderstanding of them is a clear sign of beginners skill set. Thus, requires a further training in digital marketing.

The capability to identify leads in digital marketing campaigns and components those are not working depends on your ability to understand digital marketing jargons.


Create Your Own Personal Brand

Understand your value and show how much it is worth. Deliver on your value regularly and get feedbacks. If you want to show your employer true value then help them to understand, ‘how you can help them create their brand’. Firstly, build your own personal brand with a strong online visibility. Secondly, increase your value through education. Finally, this will potentially be a deciding factor for your competency.    


Become a Techie

Digital technology is the fastest growing field right now. In fact, there is no sign of stopping anytime soon. The digital industry is quite glamorous while more technical and data-driven. A digital marketing expert won’t develop a website from scratch but you will delegate your strategy to your team of designers and developers. However, they are responsible for incorporating your suggestions.

A basic knowledge of development and graphic design will add value to your digital marketing resume. Finally will help you stand out among less technical minded candidates.


Metrics to Measure

Do you know your key metrics- traffic, conversions, and revenue? These metrics are universally applicable to evaluate your digital performance. It’s easy to talk about exciting creative strategies for brands but the money talks. In conclusion, you need to understand, how each marketing channel has performed and what the key learnings have been.

The Bottom Line

Digital marketing is a fast-moving and exciting industry to work in. It’s an exceptional carer choice. Since digital marketing is a dynamic medium, you should always be open to adapt to new changes. If you are a start of your journey to a career in digital marketing, the above mentioned are few tips that will get your foot in your door.


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