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Are you planning to dip your feet into email marketing? Email marketing is the best tool to connect with customers, build strong relations, and convert them into customers. For any business, choosing the best email marketing tool online that comprises of all the feature is crucial for the success. Each email marketing tool available in the market comes with its own set of unique features despite of there is no apprehension to feel overwhelmed. We’re here to help you.

This guide, we’ll help you compare the best Email marketing tools available for your business needs.

Why do you need an email marketing tool?

If you have a website that has no traffic, then email marketing is all you need. It gives you the ability to contact your website visitors to revisit your website.

A few of other benefits of email marketing are:

  • Build loyalty: Get repeat visitors to your website those are more likely to convert into customers when compared to first-time visitors. In fact, studies show that a visitors takes 3 to 4 visits to your website to actually think before making any purchase on your website (or business).
  • Increase sales: Email conversions are more powerful than both social and organic search traffic. This means, if you want more sales for your business, then you should start email marketing.  
  • Boost repeat sales: More than 70% of visitors abandoning website do not return. In order to build the connection with your visitors, collecting their email addresses and sharing valuable marketing content is the bottom.

How to choose the best email marketing tool

Choosing the right email marketing tool that matches your business requirement is crucial. Just because an email marketing company is popular that doesn’t mean that it is the greatest solution to your needs. When there are so many choices to overwhelm, you can take the wrong decision since there are dozens of marketing solution. Let’s break it down for you:

Here are few things you need to focus on while making a choice for best email marketing tool online:

  • Easy usability: It is important to choose an email marketing tool which is smooth and easy to use specifically for beginners ( or non-tech savvy).
  • Automation: The majority of online email marketing tools are automation friendly while the only difference is that they do it differently. An excellent solution to this problem is that you take a comprehensive look at the solution provided by them solve your needs.
  • Business operation sector: Some tools are restricted to serve certain types of businesses or the community. You can sign-up for the service that can address your business needs better.
  • Pricing: The price of the service depends on your need. You can choose the service that fits your budget.

Keeping in view these points, let’s compare some best email marketing tools online for your business.

1. Constant Contact

Constant Contact

Constant Contact provides the perfect solution to create effective and dynamic email or other marketing campaigns for small businesses. Its tons of customizable email templates options makes it one of the most popular tool. As you log in to the site, you’ll be prompted to select your industry and your previous exposure. Based on your selection, you’ll receive a range of customized content and promotion ideas that will help you level up your campaign.

There USP is in its unmatched customer support, live chat, discussion forums, and emails. They also offer a vast resource library. Constant Contact offers a full access for 60 days while the majority of email marketing tools online offers 15 to 30 day free trials.  As your trial period ends, the basic subscription will cost you as low as $20 per month up to 500 subscribers. It’s the best email marketing tool for beginners

2. DripDrip

Drip is a useful email marketing tool for e-commerce merchants who look forward to converting website visitors into customers as it comes with an intelligent marketing automation feature. It’s more than just a typical email marketing tool. Drip allows marketers to have a deeper conversation with customers by sending emails at the right time, understanding their shopping behavior and intent.

Now you can customize your email message based on audience behavior like first-time users, cart abandonment, people who clicked on your URL, returning website visitors, etc. Send out text messages, display Facebook ads, and a lot more with their vast array of integrations on your custom workflow.

Drip is free up to 100 subscribers whereas their basic pricing plan starts with as low as $49 per month for 101-2500 subscriber for unlimited emails. They provide a facility for email support during trial prior while live chat support as you become a premium member. Drip is the best marketing tool for e-commerce websites.

3. ConvertKit


ConvertKit is the best email marketing automation tool for bloggers and publishers.  Definitely, this tool specifically marketed for bloggers, YouTubers, Podcasts, and other businesses who aim to build the audience. ConvertKit offers an interesting user-interface that allows you to create attractive and customized forms attached with mails to individual subscribers.

It comes with a seamless visual automation builder that lets you create powerful emails. You can sign-up for 14 days free trial without any commitments to test the tool. The basic package starts at $29 per month for up to 1,000 subscribers. ConvertKit is the best email marketing tool for publishers.

4. AWeber


Aweber – Grow your audience with AWeber, the best email marketing tool for small business.  Furthermore, stay connected with your audience anytime and anywhere with AWeber undoubtedly a leading essential tool for lead generation. You can design newsletters with easy drag and drop feature, create mobile responsive signup forms, and automate email sequence to attract your business leads.

The best of all, you can now integrate AWeber with WordPress website, opt-in form builder, and landing page builder seamlessly. You cannot resist its user interface. You can sign-up for 30 days after which you can access to their premium tool. The basic package starts with $19 per month up to 500 subscribers.

AWeber provides full live chat, phone, and ticket based support option. It’s an ideal email marketing tool for beginners.

5. MailChimp


Streamline your marketing campaign with MailChimp the world’s largest marketing automation tool. It comes with unique features that let you convert your visitors into prospective customers. MailChimp is a most powerful, effective, and affordable tool for marketers of all sizes including local business, blogger, or corporates.

Additionally, integrating MailChimp into your WordPress website or e-commerce stores is effortless. You can also look for hundred of integration with apps you are using. You can sign-up for MailChimp free plan that allows you to add up to 2,000 subscriber and 12,000 emails per month. As you chose an advanced option, you need to pay as low as $10 per month

6. GetResponse


GetResponse Grow your email list with elegant emails and attracting sign-up forms. With delightful and modern user interface, converting the audience into customers is easy. GetResponse offers a comprehensive email marketing features that help you grown your business. For example, you can build exquisite landing pages, create and host webinars on your website, and more additionally, they provide complete support via phone, email, and live chat. 

GetResponse is the best email marketing tool for beginners as well as for the marketers those are constantly looking for a webinar marketing solution integrated with email marketing. If you want to give it a try, you can sign up for their 30 days free trial. Pricing starts at $15 per month.

Choosing the Best Email Marketing Service

If you’re getting started with email marketing, the MailChimp is the best tool for you. It offers complete features that you may need to grow your email subscriber list. Additionally, you can make use of their free service without any commitment. This will let you experiment and get to know the tool better before you actually start paying.

If you have an e-commerce store where you can to send personalized emails to an audience based on their user behavior then we recommend Drip. They have an easy to navigate tool which will give you an authority to funnel acton driven campaign. For bloggers and publishers, we recommend you, ConvertKit. It allows bloggers wi send automated emails that to increase customer engagement.

Comment and let us know, If this article, has truly helped you to compare some of the best email marketing tools to meet your business objective.


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