Unlock Powerful Opportunities With Mobile Marketing




The mobile device has become an important part of the digital marketing mix. By the year 2018, the majority of the brands have finally started to consider how mobile marketing can be incorporated as a part of their overall marketing strategy. With an extreme number of audience reachable on mobile devices, the internet has made possible to reach them.

Let’s Unlock Powerful Opportunities With Mobile Marketing


1. Text message

Text Message

Text messages can be classified as SMS or MMS. This type of mobile marketing is a most effective form of advertising undoubtedly allows business to send targeted and personalize messages to contacts.

The introduction of text message marketing has brought a considerable change in the way brands communicate with customers. In fact, you can easily notify your customers about the latest sale or festive offers through text messages.


2. Chatbots

Chat bot

These days you can see many brands are providing customer service based on mobile phones. This includes some major brands like Zomato, Uber, Ola, and Amazon.

Customer interactions have become an important part of mobile devices. These are primarily done via chatbots on the mobile apps. Although, it’s a great way to deliver a quick answer to customer queries.

Add a chatbot feature to your marketing ad campaign and give your existing and potential customers a way to communicate with your brand.


3. Convenient shopping experience

online shopping

The growth of mobile e-commerce market has already experienced a drastic increase. Because mobile devices make the shopping experience easy and hassle-free for users to shop online. Be it in your bedroom, bathroom, or in the car, you can shop from wherever or whenever you want.

While social media plays a crucial role in increasing the demand for mobile e-commerce. As about 30% of customers claim that they have purchased product or service from platforms like Facebook, YouTbe, Pinterest, or Twitter. The key takeaway is that the smartphones have enabled people with convenience for shopping.

Nevertheless, this is the just enough reason to begin your ad campaign with mobile marketing.

4. Google gives your more preference

google mobile search

Google penalizes websites that are not optimized for mobile devices. This makes it more important for you to build a site which is mobile responsive and yet browser friendly. Consequently, there are chances that Google may slap your site rank on SERP if your ad campaign doesn’t include mobile marketing.

Indeed your business needs an effective mobile marketing strategy plan to sustain its ranking.


5. User-generated content

user generated content

Do you know, customers can contribute to your ad campaign. User-generated data is a content related to a brand that is voluntarily developed by its customers. Majority of the companies are opting for sharing user-generated content on their website. Your customers can share their stories and promote products and services at the same time.

For instance, Zomato, allows its customer to share their reviews for restaurants in a form on ratings, text, and images. It’s the best practice to establish credibility as a thought leader.

Brands can indulge with customers on mobile to share their stories and experience with there service. This is a great way to keep your customers engaged and boost sales.

Another example of user-generated content is; Starbucks’ White Cup Contest launched in April 2014. Every customer across the country was asked to submit pictures of the Starbucks trademark cup. In three span of a week, there were over 40,000+ entries.

6. Get close to consumers

Get close to consumers

Every brand online marketing strategy is based on getting more close to their potential audience. This is not possible with a computer screen, as the number of users on a computer is less than those using mobile phones. With every customer operating mobile phones, brands can develop a psychological effect on shoppers mind hence not available through another media force.

That is why mobile marketing it the best form of marketing. You can make the most use of it.



To summarize, its evident that the mobile marketing unlock the powerful opportunities for marketers. No matter what your marketing objectives are, you need a powerful strategy to expand your reach to customers. Your ad campaign will make a mobile marketing a robust digital strategy. It’s the best strategy to grow your business. Hence, mobile marting should be a top priority for every marketer.

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