8 Best Split Testing Tools for 2021: A/B Testing and Multi-Variate




For any response based marketing campaign, split testing plays an important role. It allows the user to make an estimation and statically proven that is more or less lucrative than the previous version. The fundamental principle of split testing is applied to emails, websites, banner ads, and just any other medium where you can easily communicate with potential buyers.


Primarily, there are two types of split testing – A/B Testing test and Multi-Variate split test. A/B Testing is a special category of split test where the website owners can compare the Version A of the website with that of Website B. Then the collective response is carried out to compare the result so that control can be made.

A Multivariate split test is like a pit where you can test an image, headline, a price, and all framework designs one at all time. It allows the website owner to get a more accurate result that the A/B Split Test, while it needs more data to operate effectively.

We have listed some top testing tools in India:

1. Google Website Optimizer

On the web, Google Website Optimizer is one of the most multi-purpose web site optimizers which is free for all users. It supports both the multivariable split test and A/B split test. The A/B split test can easily operate 2 different web pages and the traffic is simply split between those pages.

2. Split Test Accelerator

Split Test Accelerator is one of the renowned players in the split testing arena before even Google Website Optimizer came along. The one thing which makes it more versatile than Google Website Optimizer it offers Taguchi Testing. Taguchi Testing allows the user to statistically measure the best version of the web site, based on the incomplete information which is gathered. You require a lot of data to operate the multivariable test. This is because it runs on a complete factorial model. This means that it can test every possibility to check what converts best.

3. Split Testing Pro

Split Testing Pro is quick and easy to use a split testing tool for web pages. You can create multiple web pages for diverse variables if you want to test with the help of a traffic rotator model. The split testing pro can be optimised for copy-pasting simple lines of codes. Start with uploading all web pages that you are required to split and then add the line of code on that pages, and just wait for Split Testing Pro to work its magic.

4. Visual Website Optimizer

It is an advanced Split Testing solution specially designed for non-technical oriented people. It is most optimal for the user who does not HTML language or system administrator and do not want to do any programming. The installation process of the Visual Website Optimizer makes it unique and tech-free, while it delivers advance features multivariable testing and page delivery is based on geo-location.

5. Split Testing

If you want to calculate the statistical significance of an advertising split test Split Testing is the key tool for you. All you have to do it enter a number of clicks and CTR of two different ads. Then it will show you how likely you have a statistically significant winner.

It is an easy, simple, and fast tool. Once you know that your statistical significance is 99% or higher, you can end your split test.

6. Open X

It is technically an ad server banner. If you are running the program in banner ads, you are required to register yourself as one of the advertisers and utilise it to split test banner ads. This is very useful software for those users who are looking to affiliate advertising on your web site. Instead of using split testing software, you can just use Open X, as it allows you to test a huge variety of banners.

7. CrazyEgg

It’s not just another traditional testing tool. It is a perfect tool which also tells the user what you need to split and how visitors on your web site are perceiving your different split test. CrazyEgg develops an impression of heatmap from where the user clicked on your web page. The best example to explain this is- if you find a lot of users are clicking on a single image on your web site, that is just a picture. clickable.

8. Userfly

A best visual analytical software that can assist you in split testing efforts. CrazyEgg produces real videos of the user using your website. If you’ve ever speculated how the user gets stuck on your web site and how they incline to direct your web site, installing Userfly can be a big boon.


Once you have installed the software, it takes no minute to copy paste the one line coding. Once you’ve got some videos, you can watch them for kinks to see where user have to worry with your site. Then you can organize a split test to see if getting rid of that kink rises conversions.

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