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Google new phone Pixel 4 will be soon in the market. The latest Google Pixel 4 specification leaked this morning. Here are things you should know about Google Pixel 4.


Lately, Google is alleged to be working to two affordable models of the Pixel 3. These models are rumoured to be called the Pixel 3 Lite series. The new devices are expected to offer features of the Pixel flagship phone at less amount. Google Pixel 3 and 3xl laned, but what can be expected from Google’s next flagship smartphone. Here are highlights from Geekbench post.


  • Expected to release on October 2019
  • Price £750+
  • Google Pixel 4 will operate in Android 10
  • Geekbench listing shows 2GB RAM
  • Lower chipset performance
  • High prototype device

It is rumoured that the new Pixel 3 Lite will be launched by the middle of 2019 around the world. While Google was looking forward to launching its Lite series, a new mysterious device new spread on Geek bench. Are you wondering what will be the name of the device? Google Pixel 4.

A post was live out of the blue with a device carrying a name Google Pixel 4. It was spotted by Nashville Chatter on Geekbench. The Google Pixel 4 device image carries a codename of Sargo. Likewise, the brand logo was seen previously on Pixel 3 Lite leads. The device does not show the camera or the chipset details. However, it was surprising information for the viewers.

Yes, out of the blue, a device carrying the name of Google Pixel 4 has been spotted by Nashville Chatter on Geekbench. The device also carries a codename of Sargo, which we had last seen on Pixel 3 Lite leaks. The device doesn’t show the chipset or the camera details of the device. However, it offers surprising information that many might be shocked to know.

The single score scores of the phone are recorded as 744 while the multi-core was recorded as 3201. The score does not indicate any form of the chipset from the Snapdragon 800 series chipset.

Additionally, there is no solid information about Pixel 4. Also, there are chances that this information is leakers. The phone shown can be just a prototype. Wherefore, if this leak is to be believed, then the device could end up being Google Pixel 3 Lite, which is the cheaper version.


When Google Pixel 4 is coming out?

Google Pixel 4 release is expected to announce during its annual hardware event in October 2019.

How Much Google Pixel 4 will cost?

Pricing of Google Pixel 4 depends on whether or not Google will be a 5G route. If it does not take the 5G route to become widespread in the UK smartphone market, then the price is expected to be similar to the Pixel 3 and 3xl. These phones are retail at £739 and £869 respectively for the base models. But if it does not, then the price is expected to be closer to £900 or £1000. You can buy the two model here

  • Google Pixel 3
  • Google Pixel 3xl

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