Google Shares Tips To Place AdSense Code Into WordPress Site




Google shares tips to place AdSense code into your WordPress Website. Find the easiest way and step-by-step procedure to implement the code.  

In 2017, Google launched an easy way out to make a WordPress AMP page easily or without coding.  These AMP pages perform effectively on mobile screens as they are actually a clone with limited HTML and CSS code functions.

What is AMP Pages?

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It’s an open source project aims to make the web better. The initiative allows creating sites and ads consistently faster, high-performing, monetize, and attractive.

How To Create AMP Version of WordPress Website?

To create AMP version of a site, download AMP WordPress Plugin. Once you install and activate the plugin, choose a template mode. Here are three different sources of templates.

If your WordPress site theme is AMP compatible, you can choose any of the above three modes. Although, to test AMP you need to choose the Paired mode. After testing, you can switch to Paired to Native anytime.

  • Native: for single AMP version
  • Classic: when WordPress theme is not AMP-compatible
  • Paired: for both AMP and non-AMP versions

How To Insert Ad Code on AMP Page?

Once you create an AMP site, you can display ads on pages. The method of inserting Ad code is based on the AMP page template mode you select.  However, you can use a plugin or theme to add code if you’re unfamiliar with coding. Use these steps to add code:

Method of inserting ad codeNativePairedClassic
Advanced Ads plugin (for both Auto ads and ad units)YesYesYe
Ad Inserter plugin (for both Auto ads and ad units)YesYesYes
Insert Headers and Footers plugin (for Auto ads only)YesYesYes
Genesis themes (for Auto ads only)YesYesNo

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