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The Internet has become a huge platform for business to advertise their products and services online. Advertisers around the globe have taken most of the advantage Internet because of its omnipresent to reach out to the audience by speeding up their business activities. You might be aware of traditional marketing practice that involves the use of television ads, brochures, newspaper/magazine ads, balloons, bills, radio ads, banners, etc. where people are driven to listen, hear, and visualize the variety of product and service available to them.

In contrary to the conventional mode of marketing, the recent internet marketing model comprises of an innovative technique that grabs the audience attention to attract them. It is accomplished through a model which is widely known as Pay per Click (PPC). PPC advertising marketing is a successful model that directs online traffic to certain websites where the advertisers pay publishers a particular amount when their advertisement is clicked by the user. This article will provide you complete understanding about PPC concept and role of advertising online.


Defining Pay Per Click

PPC stands for Pay Per Click which is an internet marketing model where an advertiser display ads for their product and services which are displayed when someone searches online entering a relevant query into search engines. The advertiser accrues cost when a user when indeed clicks on their ad.


PPC Working Model

Advertisers cannot pay to enable there and appear prominently alongside the search result than their competitor’s ads. An ad is subject to publish what is known as Ad auction which is an automated process to determine and validate the advertising relevance on SERP’s.

Every time an ad is clicked by the user on your website, the search engine sends that user to your website; this is when you pay search engine an amount for that click. That is why it is called ‘Pay per Click’. If you pay $5 for one click, it can lead to a sale of $200. When your ad campaign is running smoothly, it is worth paying the fee as it worth less than what your business is generating sales. Eventually, PPC is good for everyone:

  • Quality business marketing: PPC enables the business to attract right customers with paid search ads than any other form of digital advertising. Even if you one a small local setup, your business can get global recognition. PPC guarantees immense website traffic, fast & reliable results, and more hype to the brand in a short span of time.
  • Low in investment: Search engines do not charge any fee to display ads or for account set up. You have to only pay as the user clicks on the ad. In comparison to another traditional form of marketing, PPC ads deliver instant result through quality ads.


Understanding Google Ads

Google Ads is the single most online advertising system for running a PPC campaign. The platform allows business to build and display ads on the Google search engine and on other Google Suites. The Google Ads operates on a model which enables users to bid for a set of keywords and pay each click for that advertisement. Every a search is requested by a user, Google digs into the pool of Ads and selects a set of the winner to display ad on the space provided by the search result page. The ‘winners’ are chosen on basis of multiple factors such as quality, ad size bid, and keyword relevance of their ad campaign

On the basis of the Ad Rank gets a rank to appear on the page, a metric is calculated by using two key factors of CPC Bid and ad quality score. The Cost per Click (CPC) is the highest amount of bid an advertiser is willing to pay to display an ad whereas the quality score is a value that considers the attributes of an ad, relevance, and quality of the landing page. Then the Google Ads authorize winning advertiser to outreach targeted audience at the desired budget.




Rules of Creating an Effective Google Ad

Google PPC marketing is an effective tool as it is the most popular search engine platform and gets massive traffic volume, delivering the majority of site impressions and ad clicks. The amount of time your PPC ad display on the search result page depends on the set of keywords matches you choose to design an ad. However, there are numerous factors those determine the success of your PPC advertising, you can improve a lot by keeping your focus on:

  • Keyword Significance: Building PPC list of relevant keywords, stronger keyword combination, and alternate ad text
  • Quality Landing Page: Crafting landing page which with optimize content, call-to-action button, and customized to specific search inquiries.
  • Quality Score: Google provides a quality score rating for the relevant set of keywords, PPC campaigns, and landing pages. Advertisers with high-quality score get maximum clicks on their ads at low cost.


Importance of PPC Keyword Research

Keyword research for designing a PPC campaign can be very time-consuming while it is highly crucial. Your complete PPC marketing Ad is built around a set of keywords that define your business products, services, and goals. A most powerful Google Ad advertised regularly grow and refine due to PPC keywords list. If you only research keywords when you are building your first PPC ad, you may be losing hundreds of potential customers due to missing of long-tail, low-cost, and highly relevant keywords that are responsible for driving most of your website traffic. A productive list of PPC keywords comprise of:

  • Relevant Keywords: It is obvious that you don’t desire to pay for the web traffic that has nothing to do with your business. In order to drive traffic on your website that is significant for your business, you are required to search for targeted keywords that will lead to a higher click on your PPC ads which will result in increased profits. This explains why keywords should be chosen wisely related to your business offerings.
  • Exhaustive Keywords: Your keywords not only include frequently searched terms, but also include long-tail keywords. As the long-tail searches are more specific and are unique while they also account for driving the majority of traffic. However, they are less competitive and cost-effective.
  • Expansive Keywords: You should regularly refine and expand your PPC ad to build an environment in which for your keywords to consistently grow and adapt as there the changing audience behavior.


Operating and Managing PPC Ads

 As you’ve built a new PPC ad, you’re required to maintain them regularly to ensure their productivity. In fact, the best predictor for the success of account is managing the activities regularly. You should consistently analyze your account performance and make the following adjustment for optimizing PPC ad.

  • Enhance PPC keywords: To attract more audience through PPC ads adding keywords that are relevant to your business will help you expand your reach.
  • Including negative keywords: Add negative keywords those are non-converting terms to enhance your ad and reduce wasted spend.
  • Dividing Ads into groups: Split your ads into smaller and relevant groups to improve the Google Quality Score and Click-through rate (CTR). A high relevant group Ad can help you create more targeted ad test and a quality landing page.
  • Analyze Expensive Ad Groups: Review underperforming keywords and costly PPC ads and close them with immediate effect if necessary.
  • Filter Landing Page: Add Calls-to-action button and modify the content of your landing page aligning with individual search needs to boost conversion rates.


The Final Thoughts

Pay per Click (PPC) ads can initially be intimidating as it is an incredible way to generate leads, traffic, and boost sales. PPC can develop a place for your brand to present our business in front of your targeted audience who is actively trying to find similar product and services, including the audience who has no idea what product or services like you’re existing.

Whether you feel overwhelmed by the amount of traffic coming to your site, remember that the importance of right traffic. There should be constantly testing and trying innovative campaigns. If you desire to test out different ideas regardless of what platform you select, you will soon notice what works for you best.

If you feel that building a PPC campaign is difficult and you want to skip the part of trial and error, you can hire a PPC expert who will ensure that your ad runs smoothly and drive sales.




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