SEO Keyword Optimization Guide and Best Tools to Optimize For Top Search Keywords

Started with SEO? Do not what is keyword research? Read our complete SEO keyword optimization guide for newbie’s. And get on top search engine results in 30 days.


SEO keyword optimization describes as an effort to research, analyze, and determine a set of keywords. The keywords target website to drive qualified visitors from organic search results.

What is SEO Keyword Optimization?

Keyword optimization dominates search engine optimization for both paid and organic search.  Keyword research is an umbrella term to encompass SEO. Target keywords act as a base for website ranking factors. So it’s vital to get SEO keyword optimization precise.

SEO and keyword optimization meaning go hand in hand. It is done outset of the SEO campaign. But also need to uncover new keyword opportunities. It is the best practice keyword optimization in SEO. With constant keyword analysis in combination to related-words will set your site traffic to distinguish from competitors.

How SEO Keyword Optimization can benefit?

Keyword optimization for business is regarded as an impenetrable endeavor in search engine optimization. Because of its perishable nature most site owners, SEO writers, and digital marketers do not invest time. This is ironic since search engine optimization keyword research is an imperative aspect. Moreover, missing out on important SEO keywords will reduce the chance for your website to get found. Thus, no traffic means no leads and no sales.

Looking at the bigger picture, keyword optimization meaning is vast. Let’s look at some benefits to keyword optimization:

  • Quality website traffic: By optimizing the website for keywords rives searches to page.
  • Determine website traffic: Incorporating popular keyword gauge the size of the potential audience on the internet.
  • Copywriting: Content keyword optimization into website content connects target users to address their needs.
  • Recognize user behavior: Understand the user interest and get insight into their needs.

Where the Keyword in Search Engine Optimization Matters?

Keyword optimization for SEO comes into action at every aspect of internet marketing through content strategy, Google Adwords, link building, social media and site information architecture. Let’s uncover how search engine optimization and keyword optimization works.


  • Title Tag: Important keyword must be included in the title of the webpage. It is an important aspect for both on-page and off-page SEO.
  • Meta Description: The SEO description plays an equally important role. The text should combine popular keywords to support text snippets. Thus, maximize clicks.
  • URL: Not many marketers know that URL optimizes keywords is good for SEO success. For instance, with the page is about SEO keyword optimization, then the URL should be “SEO Keyword Optimization”.
  • Page Title (H1): Every page title should be optimized with keywords including a semantic keyword. The semantic keyword is a related phrase to the major keyword. You can also add power adds to make the keyword strong.
  • Site Structure: Keyword search engine optimization also critical to how you structure and organize your site content. Not only do you need to select the right keywords, but you need to group them hierarchically and order the corresponding pages on your website accordingly.

Best Tools for Keyword Optimization

We have discuss the importance of keyword optimization. But finding an effective keyword can be a trick. To bust the myth, utilize keyword optimization tools. Especially, if you’re starting from the scratch you may need free keyword research tools.

With our post of SERP keyword research tools, discover a best-ranking strategy. The awesome news is that the list comprises of fermium and paid keyword search tools to help you discover keywords.

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