Google Now API For Developers: Everything You Need to Know




Google never misses any chance to astonish the world whether it’s about new applications or changes in the previous one. 

Now again, Google came up with a brand new Google Now API to stun everyone. It was back in July 2012 when Google Now was launched to help people to deliver what they are searching for. That time it was the best feature that Google brought but sooner it was decayed in the haze of technology. 

However, Google came back again with Google Assistant in 2016 and very fast its popularity hiked up. The most interesting feature is it has a two-way conversation feature; unlike Google Now Application. So you can direct talk with Google Assistance regarding your search feed. 

“It’s all started from Google Now app not working to the new Google Now is the future.” 


Wondering! How?  


The Google Now API for developers is the answer. Through this Google feature, anyone can send their information-cards to Google now and can avail of its benefit. 


Google Now V/s Google Now API

Google Now app zealously shows the related information to the users as per their search result in the form of information-cards. It was designed to inform you about everything around you like a cafe or shops near you before you go to the search bar. 

It’s not confined here, Google Now Applications list is vast then you think. But, it too had certain drawbacks like only private users can access its benefit. That means results were only shown if searched through the Google applications.

However, Google decided to upgrade its old technology to provide more and more profit to its users. Google Now playing API to expand its search results although this is not launched yet. 

Still, the biggest advantage of Google Now API is it allows three-party applications too. In other words, Google will also show searches from the other apps that are running on your cell-phone.  

Despite this, Google Now API for developers is not free for everyone. After the SXSW conference, the director of Google project management has allowed only 40 developers to access it.  



In conclusion, Google is famous for its searches and its core work encircled around its search results. If it allows many businesses to add on card stock it can become messy. Therefore, Google is playing safe by providing limited access to the third-party to add their data to the information card.  

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