8 Easy Steps to Resolve Google Maps Crashing on Android




Well, Google Maps are a day-to-day saviour for many people. It helps them to navigate in a strange city or place where they never visited yet. Thus, it’s one of the popular navigation apps you can find on anyone’s cell phone. Since it offers prominent features like sharing an address, business, or place location, and especially navigating you through different directions.  If your Google map is not working, then read this article to learn how to fix when Google Map Not Working on Android Mobile Phones.

Google Maps are the only applications that allow you to look at working, at an aerial street view. However, while using Google Maps and anyhow, it crashes, or you face some other problems that may leave a bad impression on you. Then you can try these steps to get free from such problems.

  • Update Google Maps
  • Or go to the ‘settings app’ and clear the cache and data.

8 Simple step to update the Google Maps

Well, it’s so simple and easy to update your Google Maps application. Just go to the play store and search for Google Maps or you can go to My Apps in the play store and update your Google Maps for the latest version. If you aren’t signed into a Google account, go to the search bar, type Google Maps, and install the latest version.

If you haven’t signed in to your Google account yet through your Android phone or tablet, then follow these steps to update your Google Maps:

  1. Go to the ‘maps’ category in the Play Store.
  2. Then a tap will open in your Play Store app.
  3. Don’t tap on install quickly; otherwise, it will redirect you to the log-in screen, and you can’t skip that after it.
  4. So, you must have to sign in, in such a case.
  5. Tap on three dots (more icons) at the top left of the Play Store.
  6. Then click on updates.
  7. After that, find ‘map-navigate & explore.’
  8. The finally tap on update.

How to clear Google Map cache and data

It’s also not a hard and fast rule that you can’t do it. Just go through the process that describes below.

  • The first step is to open the ‘Settings’ app on your android cell or tablet.
  • Then select ‘apps and notification.’
  • Now search for the ‘maps’ app.
  • After you find that app, select the app and go through its ‘storage and cache.’
  • Lastly, clear all the cache from your Google Maps.

However, by choosing clear the cache, only temporary data of your device will be deleted. But, if you choose clear data storage, then all apps data will be permanently deleted. Now, your Google Maps is free from any type of error and you can use it anytime anywhere without facing any kind of trouble.

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