Backlinks Checker What are they and Different Types of Backlinks

In the previous blog series of backlinks, we discussed backlinks and what are they? In this post, let’s review – what is backlink checker and their types.

A backlink is a referral URL (or link from a web resource to a web page. Backlinks SEO is a popular element of digital marketing. Backlinks are also called as incoming or inbound links. Coming to the topic in the backlink series is backlink checker. So what is it? 

What is a Backlink Checker? 

A backlink checker is a systematic process to locate a website inbound links. The website can be your site or competitors website. Simply, backlink checker is online or offline tool allows to determine site backlinks. There are types of backlink checker tools. Let’s learn more about that:

What are the different types of Backlink Checker? 

Use different types of backlink checker platform to see how many backlinks you have, your anchor text, and where your competitors are getting backlinks. Strengthen your link building strategy with complying backlink checker for the website.

1. Most accurate backlink checker

The meaning of most accurate backlink checker is unambiguous. The most accurate backlink checker helps you to find out who links to you and your competition. The tool claims to offer a correct, precise, and authoritative backlink insight.

2. Backlink checker extension

Backlink checker chrome extension is an automatic tool which facilitates to analyse the number of incoming links to a web page. An extension is a small program that adds new features to your web browser. Thus, delivers a personalized browsing experience. An automatic backlink checker chrome extension is an exciting way to find no follow, do follow, as well as broken links. 

3. Bulk domain backlink checker

Bulk backlink checker tool allows users to find website inbound links in mass. The best example of Mass backlink checker is a backlink checker majestic tool. We will talk more about the Majestic backlink checker in the next post. Do you want to check backlink checker bulk? Some popular bulk backlink checker free tools are Ahref, Majestic, Scrapebox, Rankz and many more.

4. External backlink checker

This type of backlink domain checker finds external link resources to a web page. Determining external links is essential to evaluate. It lets you understand where you should direct the site development of the site. A backlink checker for external links explore opportunities based upon competitors external inbound backlinks. For example, SiteChecker is a free external backlink checker tool. 

5. Automatic backlink checker

A robotic backlink checker analyses the number of links on a website. There is no powerful backlink tool than an extension tool.  For instance, Monitor Backlink is perfectly suited for a marketer who wants to find good or bad backlinks. The tool automatically monitors competitors backlinks

6. Backlink checker API

Today you can number of online backlink checker tools that vary results. Backlink checker application programming interface allows to plugin your website or application. Some popular check backlinks API are Ahref API, Majestic API, Mozscape API, SEMrush API,  and SEOkicks API. These are premium backlink checker API. If you are looking for a free API then look further than Google Backlink Checker API. It is a most versatile backlink checker SEO tools online.

7. Backlink checker blackhat

Backhat SEO is a practice against search engines. There are viable chances that your list is linked to unauthorised website on the net. This can or cannot be the intention. If you intend to remove spammy link then use Blackhat Backlink checker tools. The tool will help you identify links which do not offer any value to your website. Thus, maximize chances to blacklist your website on Google.

Say Yes to Backlink Checkers!

Do not make search engine marketing complicated. If can be effortless as you dedicate yourself to create the extraordinary content in your niche. Besides, avoid spamming SEO activities.

There are thousands of tools available for all SEO hacks. From conversion rate optimization to social media marketing. In this post, we discuss, what is about backlink checker tool and their types. You can choose single or all-in-one backlink tools. But it only takes one best backlink checker tool with a positive impact.

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