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Developing an online platform has never been easier with enough website builders, content management systems, and web hosting companies out there. But therein lies a problem when new bloggers and businesses experience.

The world population is over 7.5 billion and more than half of this population is using the internet. This means, excluding those who don’t have an access to the internet, almost everyone has an online presence.

For many, this may be limited to having an email account, social media account, or subscription to any form of an internet resource. However, there are billions of websites or blogs those are offering internet users with similar interest.

No matter what the nature of your online platform, you need to be resourceful to have a competitive advantage. The days are gone when simple posting and adding few keywords were the key to stand out.

The internet has come to a point where the search engines optimization has evolved to novices for considering hundreds of factors contributing to rank a keyword. Although relying purely on keywords is suicidal. That’s where backlinks come in.

What Are Backlinks?

Over the years, backlinks have become an important factor for SEO success. Unfortunately, on the list of SEO, they have pretty much high metrics taken into account. Nevertheless, you don’t have control over any of these factors.

Simply, a backlink is an external link that redirects users attention from one website domain to another site. You certainly need to include backlinks to your content, acting as an incoming redirection. In general speaking, you want other sites to reference your site links.

Backlink goes hand-in-hand with organic traffic. Therefore, it’s important to generate backlinks from authoritative websites. Authoritative sites are recognized high on SEO and traffic that already rank well for topics similar to your own. Equivalent, generating a quality backlink is a hard word. But it’ll be no more a challenge.

Here are ways to build quality free backlinks for your site:

Guest Posting

You must be thinking that, why will anyone help to add another site to build resources and generate more views from your site. Rather it’s a case of helping out each other. After all, guest posting is very much different from ghostwriting. A ghostwriter needs no credit to write a content. While a guest post is written by a credible writer, not a hosting site.

This may help the host site to generate views, but don’t forget that it will create backlinks for your site. Guest posting is a practice of writing a post on others website. This will help you to generate a backlink to improve your ranking in SERPs. Guest posting is specifically for authoritative sites since they help to build your online reputation. 

Provide Good Content

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to get your name out there and attract new customers. By creating informative, engaging content, you can build trust with your audience and encourage other websites to link to your pages.

In today’s competitive marketplace, an effective content marketing strategy is essential for any business that wants to succeed. Invest in quality content and watch your business grow.

Internal Linking

We mentioned earlier in the introduction, the importance of external linking, However, internal linking is as significant as external linking for backlinks. You can take next advantage of creating backlinks those are associated with internal links.

Whether internal or external links, all backlinks contribute in a way that search engine interacts with your website. Because they facilitate site crawlers to update and develop page index and related how your content relates to the content on other sites. Hence internal linking is important due to three reasons:

  • They help in conversion optimisation with prompt visitors to act as calls to action.
  • Internal linking allows passing authority from one page to another in order to boost SEO.
  • They direct visitors to high-value and high-converting pages.

The easy way to internal link pages those are not ranking in the SERP’s is to link with the pages with a high ranking in SERPs. Check the analytics of the pages on your site with the highest rank.

Chose a niche with similar topics that have significance to link with each other. These are the pages that inspire the majority of the ranks.  Furthermore, you have a complete control over your website, and internal linking is the easiest way to create free backlinks to your content.

Learn from Competitors Backlinks

When it comes to link building, it pays to know what your competitors are up to. After all, if they’ve been successful in acquiring links, there’s a good chance that their techniques can be replicated. So how can you keep tabs on your competitor’s link building strategies?

One way is to use a tool like Ahrefs. Ahrefs allows you to see which sites are linking to your competitors, as well as the anchor text they’re using. This information can be invaluable in helping you to devise your own link building strategy.

Another way to stay on top of your competitor’s link building efforts is to set up Google Alerts for key terms related to link building. This will ensure that you’re always one of the first to know about any new links that your competitors acquire.

By taking the time to learn from those who have been successful with their link building strategies, you can give yourself a leg up in the competition.

Blog, Comment, and Share

Everyone turns to blogs when it comes to gathering information, but sometimes readers want more than what the post has to offer. You can take the most advantage of this situation. Find blogs similar to your niche, start following them, and post something related to your website offerings. By adding a comment to their blogs, will create backlinks to your site.

Many bloggers invite readers to ask questions or add their opinions, ideas, or suggestions in the comment section. Most of the time, bloggers try to answer each of the questions in the comment. But often some of the best answers come from other readers. 

The strategy is that, if you see that an answer to a question is missing or is appropriate, you can find an opportunity to provide answers with backlinks to your site as a reference.

Another place readers encounter to find a solution to their questions are from forums like Google Groups and Yahoo Answers. They offer free services like blog comments.


Every company, small or big, loves to show their customers testimonials. In fact, you’ll notice that majority of the website display selective testimonials from customers on their site homepage. An entire section is dedicated to reviews sometimes including customer success stories.

So how do you turn this technique into earning quality free backlinks? Start with making a list of product or services you have used in past 6 months while trying to add recent ones. This can take some time while likely to be an ongoing long-term process.

Check whether their site have a testimonials page. If they do, spend some time writing a short testimonial for a short and positive review. Leave your email address on their contact page. They will automatically add your review on their site once they verify you as a real person.

Social Media

Social media a great and easy way to get free backlinks to our websites. Popular social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google plus, etc allows you to create business pages. Using business page features, you can create an online community with link-minded people. Share a link to the latest post or offering on your site to reach our customers.

Another benefit of social media is that you can refer to the groups with similar interest. You can connect with people in these groups by sharing your website link. This not only boosts your site traffic as the readers click on the given link. However, will create a free backlink to your site.

Social media is a most viable and popular option for generating backlinks. After all, you can share campaign and product announcement to reach a potential audience.

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Little Connections Makes a Big Difference

We have learned so many ways to create free backlinks to boost your content to rank. As you begin with backlinking, do not accept immediate output. Since search engines take time to crawl and identify each page. With time, the search engine will start to add this information into their database. Give your site a check-up a few times per year, they go back to other activity to improve traffic and conversion.

You will guarantee to see the results, but it might take time depending on the quality and number of backlinks you have generated for a content. However, patience is the key to success!

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