How to Drive Web Traffic with Targeted SEO?

Setting a target SEO strategy can be a delicate process. Although, it can drive huge search engine results on the right pages. These pages need to be effectively optimized, well linked, and most importantly needs to have an opportunity.

Which is the best SEO Strategy?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be a complex technique. Moreover, breaking down in the different element is the key to success. A quick study on SEO action plan will give you an insight into these answers. The five key elements that site owners need to consider are:

  1. Website Content: Having the relevant content
  2. Keyword Composition: Adding industry-specific and searchable keywords
  3. Technical SEO: Easy to a crawl and index content
  4. On-Site SEO: Optimize pages with the overall structure for target keyword
  5. Off-Site SEO: Building authority of a site to improve page rank position

What is targeted SEO?

Targeted SEO is defined as a process of setting up search opportunities for web pages. However, there are a variety of factors that affect the target SEO. Including audience size, competition, and more. Especially, targeted SEO boils down to the volume and type of organic traffic and is received from a search engine.

Let’s discuss the strategies and process to achieve page rank with targeted SEO. The steps involved during the process include:

  1. Determine organic traffic Opportunites
  2. Create optimize web pages
  3. Secure backlinks
  4. Re-targeting

1. Determining organic traffic opportunities

Firstly, the most important step during the process is to determine organic search opportunities. Building relevant content and earning authoritative content is a vital component of ranking high in SERPs. Although, if you’re not targeting the right opportunities, these efforts could be in vain. Here are steps to determine organic traffic opportunities:

  • Competition analysis
  • Monthly organic traffic
  • Number of backlinks
  • Number of page shares
  • high ranking keywords

2. Create optimize webpage

Targeted SEO goal is to have a search engine spider not only find your page but also rank high on relevant keywords. However, it is not a one time process and requires continuous maintenance, testing, and monitoring. Having a website which ranks high on SERPs, loads quickly and is user-friendly. thus, increase your traffic and add overall quality to your site.

To create better optimize a web page, we made simple recommendations:

  • Adding the H1 in the title and H2 in the subheading
  • Expanded information in the subject topic
  • Convert a static image into a crawlable text
  • Make organizational changes to the page to increase linkability

3. Secure backlinks

Since, you’ve optimized your web pages, its time to gain some backlinks. Useful content, as well as on-site optimization, will set your page for success. However, links will solidify your webpage as an important resource in SERPs.

How to get backlinks? There are hundreds of ways to acquire quality backlinks. You can start with setting up a quarterly goal of 20 backlinks. This goal is based n competition level and linking tendency. Here is a list of most common methods to build backlinks:

  • Guest post
  • Build links with infographic
  • Skyscraper technique
  • Broken link method
  • Niche forum
  • Email outreach to influential
  • Blog commenting

If you need to build quality backlinks for your website, you need to do with caution and knowledge. Monitor each backlink you earn and verify its SEO value. Furthermore, always avoid getting backlinks from pages where you do not have control. The last thing you want to have is hundreds of pages from where you cannot remove backlinks.

4. Re-targeting

Lastly, the best segment of the process involves continuous testing and monitoring. If you want to experience tremendous results you need to carefully apply every step to each page. In fact, leverage the same process to grow another page is important to gain higher SERPs ranking.

The key element is to determine the most crucial search opportunities available for your site. Once you’ve determined these opportunities, you need the pages that could address them. You can use this process to improve page organic performance and drive a large volume of web traffic. Therefore, execute every strategy consistently and across multiple pages, thereby, with time you’ll experience site growth.

Remember, SEO is a short-term process, but if you’re consistent, the results should have a compound effect on your site organic performance

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