10 Winning Local SEO Checklist 2021 to Rank Your Business 1st on Google Business

When your competitor is shifting their business online then what are you waiting for? Make the most of the online local search engine optimization (SEO). Local SEO is a growing technique to create your business online presence. The practice of local business promotion online will help you reach your customers easily. 

This is because now more and more users are using online search engine information to find a local business. Capturing the demand of local users, businesses can benefit from promoting their business online. But how to get started?

In this article, we have summarised the basics of local SEO you need to know. Also, read the top 20 local SEO checklist 2021 no business can afford to miss out.

But before we get into the topic, let’s talk about the basics for the newbies.

What is local SEO?

Local SEO has been popular for a decade when Google developed a business listing. Local SEO means optimizing business products and services to location-specific search queries. The majority of search engines facilitate users’ locations to determine what results to display on search results on a specific keyword. Mostly, the geo-location or user IP address supports search engines to evaluate the location. So when someone searches for an ENT clinic in Delhi, the search engine displays relevance business near the location.

Who should use local SEO?

Local SEO optimization is for businesses that have a physical presence. By physical presence, we mean where customers can visit you. Local SEO benefits businesses by increasing their physical foot traffic. With the increase in the number of people using voice searches, the number for local search businesses is also increasing.

Here are some typical queries of local SEO Google searches: 

  • Find a restaurant near me
  • ENT clinic near me
  • Dentist near me
  • Best cake shop near me

The best local SEO strategy includes key elements for Google listing

  • Name 
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email Address
  • Photos
  • Website 

All these local business SEO websites listed are called citations. A main local SEO package goal should ensure creating maximum online reach. For businesses with multiple locations, franchises, or branches may need to do a lot of work.

Although, there are several local SEO tools free or paid to eliminate your burden. But, you may require to spare time and effort to verify the local SEO ranking factor. Here is a list of earn citations that will be great to link for local businesses:

  • Social Media Websites
  • Local search engine websites
  • Review Websites
  • Local Newspapers
  • Local Directories
  • Local School
  • Content Marketing
  • Link Building for Local SEO keywords

How does local SEO strategy work?

Here is an easy way to get started with Local SEO business. By following these easy steps you can rank your website for local search queries.

  1. Create and manage business listings
  • Build a Google My Business Page
  • Claim Google business listing
  • Verify your listing
  • Optimize your listing with local search keywords
  • Add SEO pictures with geo-tag

2. Optimize Local SEO website

  • Perform site audit Optimise for local
  1.  – Integrate NAP into the website 
  2. – Obtain locally relevant backlinks 
  3. – Add structured data markup

3. Track SEO result

  • Create a rank tracking campaign 
  • Track for keywords with local modifiers 
  • Add local areas and different devices 
  • Track locally for keywords with no local modifiers

Why do you need an SEO Local checklist?

Begin with optimizing your business listing with relevant keywords. Few tips to being with are: 

  • Create a proper detailed business description
  • Refine category and allow Google to match your business to a user query
  • Review and respond to customer comments this will allow controlling online reputation
  • Add business hour matching the information listed at your website
  • All website URL depending on the type of business
  • Add images to your business listing via Google maps
  • Create an informative post that allows businesses to publish events and other news

10 Winning Local SEO Checklist for 2021

Here is a top checklist for Local SEO 2021 every business needs to follow. 

  1. Optimize title tags: Your title tag needs to be relevant to keyphrase you want to local SEO rank.
  2. Structure your website URL: Google loves clean and simple URL structure which is Local SEO friendly
  3. Optimize your website images: Heavy images can destroy your local SEO as they make page speed slow.
  4. Optimize navigation menu: The navigation menu items should be indexable to search engines.
  5. Provide correct information on Google listing: detailed information helps users to choose your business over competitors.
  6. Create relevant XML sitemap: It is highly important to pay attention to the XML sitemap which makes it easier for Google to rank.
  7. Set up 301 Redirects: Always 301 redirects in your website to point new traffic to new domains or URLs.
  8. Setup Google Analytics: The Local SEO Google Analytics helps to analyze your business website data better.
  9. Setup Google Webmaster: Local SEO Google Webmaster will search engines to keep track of website performance.
  10. Optimize the website on mobile: This is important for Google’s local SEO algorithm ranks website mobile-first sites higher.

There are many theories on effective Local SEO checklist. But you do need any if you follow this winning top 10 local SEO checklist 2021. These strategies are proven to be best to help your website rank top in Google local SEO search.

About the author, Team Digital Shiksha

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