SEO Basics – Beginners Guide to Drive Website Traffic


Search engines are limited in how they crawl a website and appear on search results. Learn how to make your site attractive to search engines?

Organic searches refers users to the most relevant content on the internet.  A search engine does not look at the page like we do. But how do search engines determine the relavancy of a website? In this post, we’ll discuss technical aspects of building a page so they are structured for both search engine crawlers and users.

The process for optimizing a website for a search engine can be complicated for beginners. Following this basic guide will ensure your site is ready for crawlers. These steps apply to start-ups, small business, fortune 500 company.

Consider these three main factors:

  • Page Content: Content of your website should be optimized. Indeed, relevant content means title, meta description, and consistency.
  • Performance: Web optimization and speeding are always on top priority. Your website should perform properly and load fast.
  • Authority: A website should have reputation to use as a reference. This can be achieved through high-quality links.

Google search engine algorithms analyze user experience on the website. Whether it is easy to navigate, user-friendly, and secure for users.


Things to avoid when optimizing website

Always use black hat techniques to increase website ranking. Remember, there are few things to avoid to get your site banned:

  • Keyword stuffing: Avoid overuse of keywords on your website. The days are gone when a page was stuff with keywords. However, use the main keyword in the title, 2-3 times in the body, and a quick mention in the summary.
  • Buying links: Undoubtedly, the profit from buying links is huge. But if you buy links, Google search engine will ban your site to crawl. Hence, will blacklist your site.
  • Poor user-experience: Avoid using stuffing ads and make it easy for users to find what they are looking for in the site. Ensure bounce rate is not too high.


Final Words

SEO basics are critical to long-term success. In fact, just a few right moves will ensure your site ranks well. You do not necessarily have to learn these SEO fundamentals in order, but you need to implement throughout the site. Once you apply the fundamentals, you’ll master the SEO basics.

About the author, Team Digital Shiksha

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