Tropical Keyword Research: Is Free Keyword Research For SEO is dead?

Keyword research for search engine optimization is not dead yet. It just that people have a different outlook on the problem solving of doing SEO. With the revolution in SEO in the past 10 years, the marketers are struggling to get the No.1 rank position.

The Smart Way to Do Keyword Research

In this post, we will look into, why free keyword research for SEO is dead. And investigate ‘how people can do SEO keyword research without Paid Tools’ in 2019. But before we get to start with the topic, I would like to clarify that I am not a professional SEO Guru. I have been doing SEO for my clients for the past 15 years, and pretty much 90% of them rank well in first Google search position.

I want to share my secrets to

  • do ultimate keyword research in a smart way
  • keyword research mistakes
  • hidden way to rank a keyword

Replace Traditional Keywords Research

We all understand the importance of keywords. According to our scientific research, only 6% of SEO content ranks on page 1 in year 1. It is really challenging and rewarding to rank a keyword top in the search engine. Here is an investigating snippet from ubersuggest.

keywords snipppet from ubersuggest

The pages for top keyword ranking on number 1st position earn the highest search volume. For example, India times get over 5 million search volume traffic being on 1st position.

Investigate the paragon which excites us to learn ‘how can we find keywords with the highest search volumes’. But how can you find awesome keywords without fieldwork with trillion of competition out there? You do not need experimentation.

Time has gone when you could write any crap content on focus keyword and lookup for huge traffic. Inquiry vomit tactic that was ‘keyword stuffing’ scrutiny SEO efforts.

keyword stuffing

Where more you use the keyword in your SEO text, more will increase the chances to rank higher. But in the end, your text will look like crap.

Then Google search engine introduces several page rank factors.

page rank factors

Sources: Seo service expert

There are more than 10 ranking factors. Which define – How many times to use a keyword in an article

  • Title
  • Paragraph
  • Description
  • Page

Now, people trying to understand the value of unique content. The more quality content you produce higher will be a chance for you to rank in top search engine rankings.

One of the alternate ways we learn to produce quality content was through WordPress plugins. It was used to be the days when the market had few good SEO plugins.

Back in those days, a popular SEO plugin was SEO Press.

seo press

Sources: Blogging Wizard

Majority of the WordPress SEO plugin looks the same. And still, there is not an extreme change. Because all of these plugins just tell you the

  • Maximum number of keywords
  • Word length of title and description
  • Word count in a page
  • Readability Score

Which is all bull shit! Especially, ridiculously for SEO beginners to get horrific using these SEO WordPress plugins.

Because, there are hundreds of other ranking factors, which these SEO support plugins do not cover. Seems like, they do not want your page to rank for the top position.

Some important features the SEO WordPress tools are missing out on to are:

  • Use keyphrase in the title
  • Bold keyword
  • Italics keywords
  • Underline keywords
  • Optimize content with the keyphrase
  • Content should content bullet points
  • Add several images
  • Include few videos

These tips may come handy for you to rank in top positions. But not some terrific ideas like ‘use the keyword first when starting a paragraph’.

Investing in this suggestion is nothing more than a nightmare. Well, a smart SEO expert we’ll ignore these piece of advice.

The one activity you could avoid is to gt away from the barometer. These are not the way for an SEO copywriting to rank content for the top position.

Do not worry; I am going to help you in this post.

Tropical Keyword Research

Tradition keyword research methods are DEAD. Marketers no more use free search services to find a marvelous keyword. First thing you need to understand is:


The future of keyword research is TROPICAL KEYWORDS. As the traditional way to SEO keyword research is dead. Also, no paid keyword research tool can help you.

Because no one is aware of the technique.

tropical keywords

How to Do Tropical Keyword Research?

My technique to do a do tropical keyword research is unique. No one in the industry has found this hidden gem. You can use this magical technique in your ad copy and analyze growing traffic.

What is tropical keyword research? I begin with brainstorming for keywords at different search query. Some popular web sources to identify ‘what search queries to use throughout your website to get more leads’ are the following:

  • Youtube – My favourite online keywords research tool to find user query.
youtube keyword research
  • Quora – Another top pick to find what is user ‘micro-moments’. You even to read the best answers to the questions in treats.
  • AnswerthePublic: If you really get into the subject. Find customer-profiling and customer micro-moments.
answer the public

The goals are here to intimately understand your ideal customers. When targeting tropical keyword research try to answer these questions:

  • Where your customer is online?
  • What search queries they like to type in?
  • Determine the content they find the best solution
  • Last, best engaging search engine results

Why tropical keyword research? People Google about wired things online. Tropical research will give you an idea about ‘what people are searching for online’. Thus, you need these topics and keyword list to include in your article.

The context is not limited to the keywords you need to use in your SEO copywriter. But you also need the most trending topic.

To conclude, you need content ‘what matters to user’. You need all this information to create a pillar for content.

Alternatively, you can brainstorm search query by validating

  • Forums
  • Meet-up groups
  • Popular blogging communities
  • LinkedIn post
  • Facebook threats
  • Twitter hashtag
  • Amazon customer 5 to 3 start reviews

Amazon customer reviews are my personal hack. Just because these pages contain productive tactics and strategy you may consider including in your text. If you are want to include deep content, and then picking up ideas from Amazon customer reviews will help you.

This practice is still relevant for the PPC campaign. When you do not need Google Adword Keyword Planner. In fact, tropical keyword research will more impactful to the target audience.

Elements to Tropical Keyword Research

When planning tropical keyword research your core should focus on answering users pain points. Some point points to consider are:

  • Happy
  • Sadness
  • Anger
  • Annoyance
  • Avoidance
  • Shock
  • Worry
  • Fear
  • Guilt
  • Helpless
feeling word guide


These are some painful point’s people experience. And they look for answers to the online. You can read these pain points in the comments and forums pages of discussion groups. These are the topics you have to cover to get the top position.

To dig deep into user’s pain you need to include the following information:

  • If the problem posted for the first time.
  • Are there any replying comments
  • What emotions do they seem to have through the course discussing things?

Thus, make note of the list of painful areas from their actions. Also note their actions, results or lack of results from trying things.

Utilize the research to create effective tropical research content.

Checklist to Tropical Keywords Research

Now you have understood the unique keyword research trick. It’s time to summarize the above facts.

  • Have you leveraged own expertise?
  • Did you research on Quora?
  • Did you check Answers the Public?
  • Did you review recommendation searches?
  • Did you research for trending threats on forums?
  • Did you research on YouTube?

Genius Move To SEO Keyword Research

I know you’ve been waiting for the section. Lazy writers stay away! Because the keyword research is more than a marathon bender. The secret to finding trending keywords and earn the highest traffic invest your time in

search intent

“Search intent” because when a user is a stress to find information. I am not exaggerating when I say this. The user will reach your page. When a user finds for a solution, they find stories. And Google display pages with a reliable situation.

To summaries, stop struggling with the keywords research right now. Your answers are in user intent tropical search.

If you have any suggestion, feel free to share with us! Do not lose in ranking – when we are here to guide you best!

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