What is Rich Snippets SEO? Definition, Meaning, Examples Explained by Experts

You are already aware of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how beneficial it is to increase the volume of traffic on your website. Even possible, you also used the SEO tools to improve your website ranking on the search engine.

But, suddenly a term-rich snippet popped up on your screen and you wonder what it is. That’s pretty normal, it happens with a newbie. So don’t worry. In this article, we’ll cover the rich snippets’ definition and its example.

What are Rich Snippets?

Rich Snippet’s meaning is general search results that are shown on the search engine with additional information of the data between the Meta description and the URL. This is also known as Rich results. In fact, the data is extracted from the Structural Data on the website’s HTML page.  In other words, the search engine finds this data from the Structural Markup language of your HTML page like schema. 

Importance of Rich Snippets

Rich snippets SEO is considered is very important.

In particular, the normal search result will show only your page title tag, URL, and Meta description, like this. This is known as a normal snippet.  Here are rich snippet examples

Rich snippets example
Rich snippets example

But, the rich snippet adds more data in the normal snippet. Here, you can see that on this page of the book review the rating of the book and its review is also mentioned.  

Rich snippets meaning
Rich snippets meaning

Implementing Rich Snippets

In short, the rich snippet only adds additional information including the URL, meta description, and title tag. However, it’s not used to increase the ranking of your page on the search engine. Though, it is advantageous to increase more clicks on your page. 

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