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There’s no secret recipe for becoming a social media expert but make sure you have a full range of essential skills required to do a job. A decade ago a role of social media expert might not have existed. Today, almost every company is involved in social media one way or another. Perhaps it’s a good time to enter the market. There are few social media job skills required in an intend to do your job perfectly. 

As people look to connect with brands on social media, companies are in constant search for an expert who can help grow their business. Whether you’re a social media guru or just getting started, by the end of this post you’ll have everything required to sustain in the industry. Alternately, if you’re a hiring manager who is looking for a hire a social media savvy, following are the social media job skills you want to consider:

Here is a list of 10 Essential Social Media Job Skills

Remember, this list is non-exhaustive. Although to become a successful social media manager, you need to have all or most of the skills. Depending on the nature of your position and social media strategy, there are other abilities you need to help you get your message out.

1.Research and Planning

A social media expert understands the big picture. It’s the first phase of any project. How search, content, and social media work together. An expert is well-trained to outline goals, define the target audience, and know what platforms will help to scale efforts.

As a social media marketing is complicated and may require knowledge of the right tools to automate. Designing a social media strategy is not enough. You need to develop a resource plan that will help you deliver it. Perhaps, your social media job skills should match the time to build a strategy.

2. Strategic Execution

Strategic execution has always been a hot topic in management. A tactic strategy paramount to the success of any social media expert day to day job. Because it’s a complex process that reflects the culture of execution based on careful and data-driven planning.

Remember, social media plans not just rely on creating accounts of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. When the times comes, you need to use these platforms to their full potential. However, executing social media plans requires time, efforts, and more importantly requires support from the team.

3. Community Management

Social media is a core tenant of creating, observing, and responding to conversation. In other words, its a process of establishing and building a digital relationship within your brand community.  Monitoring tweets, engaging brand advocates, responding to Facebook posts are some major daily exercise performed.

Community management is directly related to relationship building and brand seizes opportunities to interact with the community. In fact, it even means understand how to respond to trolls and negative feedbacks. Hence,  social media and community management goes hand in hand.

4. Creative in nature

Social media expert is not just a job to build strategies. It also requires capabilities to create a process that develops creative content. A creative content is a core ingredient to engage the consumer and reach their soul and not just mind.

You should always be open to experimenting with the content. An expert always read to push limits. Thus, don’t underestimate the importance of content over visual creative.

5. Customer Service

Social media intends to a purpose for two-way conversation or social connection. Several platforms are used to grow business by boosting brand awareness, marketing products, and listening to consumers. Social media and customer service may not be an intentional combination for these platforms when developed. However, many people having a problem with the brand service, look for a quick solution to their problem by using social media.

A social media manager is authorized to design a plan that supports quick reply to queries and solve problems in a channelized manner. It also includes combating with negativity with positivity.


6. Analytics and reporting

When social media started there were less or no tools to measure the impact of a campaign. Later, the facebook and twitter developed an analytic tool to determine marketing initiatives on social media. Thereby, the only way to monitor the impact was to mindlessly track streams, posts, and pages.

Today, the web is full of tools offering a detailed insight into campaign analytics. These analytic results not only depicts the campaign effectiveness while shows the customer behaviours. Therefore, an expert should be capable enough to suggest a best social media management tool that helps to measure what works and what doesn’t in real time.

7. Budgeting

Just like with any creative campaign, one of the most important skill is to understand how to limit your spending in the most effective ways. Moreover, a social media expert should be able to plan social budgets for project longevity.

8. Leadership and communication skills

A social media expert is a multi-tasker. They’ve to keep the management informed, team motivated, clients excited, and customers engaged. It’s an art of communication and leadership quality that will help you maintain your position. However, this also includes presentation skills (verbal and written).

9. Adaptability

The next important trait is- Adaptability. A great social media expert is able to keep up with the trends. As you discover or spot something trending, being able to quickly adapt will be able to keep you ahead. For instance, the most engaging type of content has shifted from texts to images then to videos.

A great manager is able to keep up with such trends. As well as pick up required social media job skills like video designing, photoshop, and graphic designing.

10. Business Service

Being able to generate likes, shares, comments, and sales are great. However, understanding how social media fits in the business marketing strategy is even better. A business savvy, social media personnel see a big-picture and understand the importance of social media to the company.

They recognize which metric are most relevant to business strategy and how social media campings can contribute to these efforts. For example, a B2B social media expert focus on generating leads for her sales team while a B2C social media expert focuses on customer purchases directly. As a result, this impact goes beyond the social media to business success.

The Bottom Line

While, you need not be competent in every skill mentioned above, being good at few of them would make you a great social media expert. Further, a valuable asset to your company.

Do let us know what other social media job skills are important for a social media expert to have? Share some resources to improve those skills with us!


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