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Whether you’re publishing a blog for the first time or doing it from years. Publishing a blog creeps out every time you’ve to push that ‘publish’ button. We’re aware of this feeling while it’s important to understand the significance of making a WordPress Blog Checklist.

There are several tasks to consider before you go live. These tasks can be relatively completed in no time. However, these errands will ensure quality optimization of your blog post. If you’re putting so many efforts into writing a post, you may want to consider going an extra mile.

In this article, we’ll take you through 8 crucial task you need to ensure before you publish your WordPress Blog.

Let’s polish your blog post before you make it live.

WordPress Blog Checklist: 8 Things To Do Before Publishing A Blog

1. Begin with Keyword Research

Keyword research is the fundamental rule for every blogger. Indeed, no blog can rank on SERPs without quality keyword stuffing. As the consequence, you’re depriving your content of the organic traffic is deserve. You can churn your blog into content that drives an audience to your website just by understanding what they’re looking for.

You can use keyword research tools like Google Planner, SemRush, Ahref, etc allows you to find the right keyword. Always look for a high-volume keyword that your customers search for. Consequently, this will become your natural habit to add keywords rather than force-fitting them after completion.

Keyword research is the best practice you can incorporate even before you get to planning your blog.

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2. Use attention-grabbing titles

An attractive blog title helps to grab the attention of the readers. It’s the first thing that the visitors notice. Therefore, it is important for your headline to be informative but also be interesting. However, an attractive title or headline is not a holy grail. You can have many online guides for generating titles.

However, there are two most important things you need to follow. Firstly, your title should comprise of minimum one keyword. Secondly, experiment with the keyword what works with your audience. This is an essential point for your WordPress Blog Checklist. 

3. Customize your content

The structure of your content is as important as generating a quality content. To begin with, you can break large paragraphs into smaller sections. This will build reader sanity. Try to maintain 5 to 6 lines of text per paragraph. Create a smooth flow so that each one leads to the next one.

Add subheadings to certain sections to break your article into meaningful paragraphs. Thus, making it easier to skim through the content with relevant information.

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4. Create perfect call-to-action

Your final post should comprise of a call to action that’ll captivate your target audience. This will educate users and encourage them to take action. It could either be sharing an article, leaving a comment or subscribing for the newsletter. However, call to action solves the purpose of conversion.

5. Editing and proof-reading

Before you start with proof-reading, you need to edit your blog. This will allow you to examine how your ideas connect with each other. For a perfect dart, look to included better sited and referenced content.

No matter how good your command over the language, there are chances you make errors. Although proof-reading will help you identify and eliminate those errors.

You can rely on language checker tools like Grammarly, Ginger, and Hemingway to help you nail with an error-free blog before publishing.

Besides, we’ll recommend you other sets of eyes to go through the blog. They can help you find mistakes or you can include a general feedback about the article.

6. Add optimized images

Images add visual value to any great content. They complement your content to make it easier to grasp information. You can create appealing images to your content using simple and effortless tools like Canva.com, Youzing, DropMock etc.

However, you can also add infographics and graphs to explain your content more significantly. While images are useful for the blog, you need to ensure that they are carefully optimized. You can also add Schema Markup to boost SEO

Large size images will increase your site load time, as a result, will hamper your reader’s experience. We recommend you to use tools like Optimizilla, Kraken, and WP Smush to optimize your images for free.

Lastly, add ‘Alt tags’ to your images for search engines to understand the context of the image. As the reader enters the keyword, your blog image will display in SERPs. Therefore, it will help you boost your blog SEO.

7. Internal links to articles

Internal links are hyperlinks to other web pages with the same domain. When someone finds a way to your blog, you need to ensure that the readers stay around for a longer time. The internal linking to your article will ensure that a reader easily finds relevant content that might be interested in.

Internal linking to relevant articles also becomes essential for SEO WordPress Blog Checklist as it generates more backlinks for search engines in a way to understand the quality of the post. However, you should avoid forcefully adding interlinks as it search engine can block your site for spamming on the net.

Interlinking also becomes essential for SEO as it provides search engines with a way to understand the quality of your post. A word of advice – avoid forcefully adding interlinks as it might break the flow of the main article. 

8. Add Meta title and description

Meta titles and meta descriptions are bits of an HTML code at the beginning of a web page. This helps search engines to identify your page through a set of keywords. You have written and published a post, but what will you do if there’re no readers?

In conclusion, to need to get traffic to a post, you need traffic from different sources. While the search engine is a major source of traffic.

Key Takeaways

Now, that we’ve covered all the crucial things that you need to do before publishing a blog in a form of a WordPress Blog Checklist. It’s the time to hit that Publish Button.  We hope you find your right way through this article and succeed in blogging.

If you have any other suggestions, kindly share with us in the comment section below.

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