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YouTube is the second-largest platform to be called a search engine after google. Specifically, YouTube is a search engine for videos and its other meaning is videos. This platform is growing very fastly, with thousands of videos uploaded to it every second. People do hustle while recording video and try their best to show perfection. Spent hours and a lot of money on script and editing, the final result is also amazing. But when they upload it on their YouTube channel, nothing happens. Less number of views and the audience is not subscribing to your channel, what’s wrong with it?

The answer is you have forgotten about SEO for YouTube. You have heard of SEO for google but not very familiar with YouTube SEO. Let’s understand what YouTube SEO is.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a way of improving the rank in search pages result by the means of creating web content. This practice is rapidly growing to optimize your website for search, to attract more traffic and grow constantly. 

Since YouTube has its search engines, and that means it has its SEO practices. Although regular SEO is a bit different from YouTube SEO, with time you will get used to it. Now the question arises how to do SEO for YouTube? Or YouTube SEO Kaise Kare? If you want to attract more traffic and gain more views as a subscriber, you will try these super simple tricks and techniques as discussed below. Youtube SEO for dummies is very simple; they don’t have to be afraid of being dummies on YouTube.

Step 1 : Discover the right keywords

The YouTube SEO practice begins with searching the right keywords for your video. And how exactly will you find the keywords for your YouTube videos? Firstly, generate a list of keywords, and you will do it by simply pop a phrase or word in a YouTube search, it will give you a bunch of keywords. In this way, you can search the keywords that people use and you will get the traffic on your channel.

Step 2: Optimize your video

YouTube SEO for beginners is not a big task, here are some practices to increase the SEO value for your YouTube channel.

  • Video title:

Always try to place your keyword at the beginning of your title. The title should belong to at least 5 to 6 words. And placing the keyword will automatically increase the ranking of your video.

  • Use your keywords in the video:

If you use your target keyword in your video, youtube will notice that and rank your video accordingly. 

  • Tags:

Tagging is another important component of YouTube SEO. Tags in your content will allow you to use your target keywords. It is suggested to not use too many tags. Since tags not only help to rank your content but also help to show your video in related video areas of youtube.

  • Description:

It is one of the important things to do while uploading your video on YouTube. Make your description at least 250 words long and include the target keywords in the first half of the description, you can also repeat your keywords 2-3 times.

The SEO-optimized description will make google and YouTube better understands the context of your video and helps to rank your video as well as show up in the suggested sidebar area.

These are some simple YouTube SEO guides you can follow to bring the audience to your YouTube channel. Even if you are new to YouTube, these are enough YouTube SEO for the newbie, they are easy tasks you can remember while using your channel.

If you face issues in doing SEO for your Youtube channel then you can even hire SEO companies that provide YouTube SEO Service and assure great exposure.

Step 3: Promote on social media

This idea is very simple and followed by almost all YouTubers nowadays. Not only YouTube but it uses other social media platforms also to promote their new video and get more views and likes. It is more like optimizing a blog post. For example, you can add a Quora link on your video, it is one of the best places to grow your social presence. Instagram is another rising social media platform through which you can promote your videos by providing the link, you can also get updated your followers about the schedule of uploading your new video and many more such tricks to engage your audience. Similarly you can add your video to Facebook also, it is the best option for advertising your video, it can drive tons of traffic when you add a catchy description with it. Other examples are Twitter, LinkedIn, you can also send an email to your list, in less time you will see countless views on your content by spending only a few minutes in sharing it.

Step 4: Attract the viewers

Since the audience is the key element. It plays a vital role in increasing the ranking factor on YouTube. You have heard of audience retention. Now, what does audience retention mean? Audience retention is nothing but audience feedback, it shows how much they love your videos and watch them till the end. It will automatically tell YouTube that your video content is great and engaging. So how would you increase audience attention?

  • Try to grab the attention of the audience by including a summary of what you are going to cover in the video. Keep it short and simple.
  • Try to avoid long introduction, it will lose the interest of an audience, try to jump to the main purpose of the video.
  • Make them curious, by adding surprises and other creative ideas you can make them curious, and make them wait and watch till the end.

These are some of the tricks by which you can magnetize the watchers. For more ideas, you can search youtube SEO tutorials also.

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Step 5: Ask them to comment and subscribe

Comments are very important. If you are getting more comments then it will show that your content is very good and popular among viewers. It is always better to leave a question at the end of the video so that it will increase the chance of getting more comments.

Similarly request the watchers to subscribe to your channel. Since subscribing means people are watching your content on a regular basis. It is the most important factor that plays a crucial role in SEO. It will be considered as a giant algorithm on youtube.

Hopefully, these points will help you to improve your channel’s ranking, and by using these you will get to engage more viewers on your content.

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