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Advance Digital Marketing Course

Learn how to do marketing activities and advertising on different digital marketing channles such as search engines, websites, social media, email and mobile apps using tools, techniques and strategy learnt from years of experience.

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Why Digital Marketing?

You’ve probably heard the hype and interested to discover a career in digital marketing that’s fast-paced, ever-changing, enriched with potential for advancement? Acquire knowledge and inherent skills such as creativity, analytical ability, eagerness to learn, and strategy building to develop a rewarding career.

Over 150,000 jobs predicted by 2020

The lack of digital skills amongst the existing workforce has inhibited the in-demand of professionals. Study digital marketing and gear yourself up for a career with a unique competitive advantage.

Earn an average salary of (Rs. 30 lacs) per year

As the demand for a skilled digital marketer is budding, the salary prospects are also growing. Despite this, as the industry is swelling up due to several factors, the scope to leverage talent and skill is also booming.

Kick start your own career

Before you set out your foot at a workplace, explore the world of digital marketing that provides a host of opportunity for you to start your own career. Invest in building a career by upgrading your skills.

Why is Digital Marketing Popular?

Digital is Future

SEO industry is estimated to grow $72 billion by 2018 and $79 billion by 2020 (Forbes). It holds the future for digital transformation as is predicted to be a crucial time for leaders to plan and implement digital marketing strategies across industries.

Popular Marketing Tool

76% of people (Adobe, India) think that marketing techniques have been changed over the year. The digital marketing not only allows brands to market their offerings but also to enable a platform for online customer support to build brand value.

Peace of Mind

A digital marketing Certification Courses open door to online freelancing, self-employment, etc. It was estimated that there has been a 43% increase in position from the year 2017 with 4,473 jobs and 6,388 jobs in 2018 (Conductor Spotlight).

Digital India

Indian Government are pushing entrepreneurs to start online businesses under Digital India Campaign. Online Marketing Certification Training from Digital Shiksha helps youth to contribute in national development to become empowered.

15+ Job Profiles

Digital marketing has become a mainstream in India with demand for Job profiles (after one course) like SEO specialist, digital marketing analysts, PPC manager, web analyst, webmaster, content marketer, and social media manager.

Job Security

The digital advertising will reach a whopping $240 billion in 2019, increasing from $135 billion in 2014 (PWC). More and more people want to learn the skill because the majority of businesses have started using digital marketing medium for customer acquisition.

What you’ll learn

All concepts with Practical Training, All aspects of Digital Marketing, Training Customized to Individuals Needs, Small, Highly Interactive Sessions for Advance Learning, Customize Digital Marketing Training Course, Best Practice Guide, Content Developed By Active Marketing Practitioners,

Website Optimization

When most of the digital marketing professionals think about SEO, they plan to create optimized content. We’ll teach you how to optimize any website for speed by diving into the attributes of different techniques to render web pages on mobile and desktop browser.

The comprehensive website optimization course will teach you critical rendering path by determining the process that a browser should take to convert CSS, HTML, & JavaScript into a live website. These tools will help you with debugging challenges with page load time.

Want to learn more? Join us, and let’s start discovering and experiment with tools to measure website performance and other simple strategies to build what customers want.

Search Engine Optimization

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) course will guide you to optimize website content for the best possibility to rank on search engines. We’ll begin with understanding the basics of how different types of search engine algorithms works with the help of real-time examples.

It’s an ideal course for those looking for a career in digital marketing, conducting search-based website audits, aligning overall business SEO strategies or online content development  (including off-page and on-page optimization).

social media marketing

Every business, needs an effective social media marketing strategy to survive in the competitive industry. The course is designed for beginners, executives, marketers, and professionals who want to significantly advance their skills to build a social strategy using proven methodologies. Learn the use of various social media platforms to design, administer, and optimize marketing campaigns. This will facilitate you to help the business grow and position their brand in the global digital marketplace with the help of targeted content.

By the end of the social media marketing course, you’ll be able to develop and monitor detailed social media marketing strategy.

Paid Search

Are you looking for an effective training course in Paid Search Advertising? When you build an audience with a message for a brand to generate leads, you’re on the track to become organization’s huge asset for utilizing paid online advertisement.

Our Paid Search course is designed for those who aspire to become a paid marketing professional.

Fast-track your career by following the transparent, analytical learning path, recommended by experts. Starting with the basics of PCC, you’ll develop an advanced skill progressively that helps you explore varied facets of paid search, and strategies to thrive and become paid search marketer.

display and view advertising

Display advertising is an exceptional way for brand building and building long-term rapport with the targeted audience. Online display ads help business to focus on promoting their brand. An idea professional helps brands to reach the right audience while strengthening the marketing investment returns. If you’re not getting desired goals with, it means you’re not utilizing the key components to save effort and investment in online ads.

Our professional courses help you elevate to build a dynamic strategy as a part of your overall marketing strategy. The course will help you focus on the initiatives and help you realize outstanding results.

Content Marketing

A modern marketing strategy is the core of a business success. The content marketing is all about inbound marketing that helps to reach customers to your business with useful information they are continuously searching out. It’s how marketing is done today. The advantage of building a marketing strategy is that you can deliver customized online that can stand out among a ton of information available online today.

The step-by-step training will enhance your understanding of how brands can develop and leverage content to generate lead sales. The course comprises of fundamental of content development, distribution, and analysis for a great result.

email marketing

Email marketing is a traditional method of online marketing that involves sending out messaging via emails. If done strategically, a customized marketing email can very efficient tool. An email marketing course will help students to build an email marketing strategy, including creating productive advertisements to market your business products and services.

Our course emphasizes on developing advanced marketing strategy using latest email marketing tools, an extensive guide to creating ads.  

Learn the most personalized mode of marketing to gain customers trust. There is a huge career opportunity in email marketing as it is widely used by every business to produce a higher response rate and high order value.

Digital Analytics

The Analytics course will walk you through SEO and Google Analytics to study the site traffic and user behaviour. The tutorial is focused from basics to advanced level training in web analysis.

After successful completion of this course, you’ll be confident using Google analytics reports, to build and view an insight into the website user data to measure the impact of your market campaign.

The extensive course will improve your skills so you know how people behave to find your website and their demographics.

digital strategy

With the advancement in the digital technologies every sector, many businesses need to reinvent the strategy to retain in the dynamic competitive environment. The key to surviving the digital challenge involves creating new business models, leverage digital marketing tools, finding new innovate ways and develop a new social marketing strategy to engage customers.

The intensive course curriculum is designed for digital marketing professionals who play a strategic role in shaping the future of a brand. The course helps to learn the right tactics to build and manage new platforms and ecosystems to reach and engage customers using mobile, social, and digital marketing strategy.

About Digital Shiksha

Digital Shiksha make yourself more marketable and put your career on high gear with a Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing. Learn key skill to marketing with our full-fledged classroom training for students (job seekers), working professionals, and entrepreneurs.

Switch To Career In Digital Marketing

We teach marketers as to how to reach the right audience with low acquisition cost. Our courses are designed to impart maximum practical knowledge to students to facilitate them make a career in digital marketing or start own online venture.  Our trainers are industries topmost professionals certified by Microsoft along with ample of experience to provide students real-time insight into the digital industry.

What can you become after completing Digital Marketing Course from Digital Shiksha?

We help you to reach a place after completing this course with numerous advantages to apply to various Digital Marketing industry jobs. Some of the career options are listed below:

We are one of the leading education providers in the field of internet marketing. Digital Shiksha aspires to empower individuals for both personal and professional growth.

Course Highlights
  • Hands-on learning through live projects
  • Learn how to capture the right intent online
  • In-depth knowledge of AdWords, SEO, PPC, SMO, and Web Analytics
  • Career counselling, resume building, mock interview sessions
  • Integrate new digital marketing techniques and strategies to optimize online campaigns.

Student Testimonials

Digital Shiksha is committed to support, train and educate marketing professionals in India who are aiming to become specialized in online and interactive digital marketing.

A great training institute to learn and work with. The team has helped me to learn, explore, and implement marketing campaigns and bring out best results through acquiring deep knowledge. An institute for intensive digital marketing course and the best place to gain technical knowledge.

Pritam Anand

If you are a business owner like me then you might be curious to build an online presence for your business. To start with the basics, I registered for the digital marketing course at Digital Shiksha. They only trained with the required techniques to digitize my business and generate leads.

IFMC Institute

Digital marketing is the future and Digital Shiksha is the only way to make it bright. Learning how to boost your business has become very important to survive in the competition. I joined the digital Shiksha institute to learn how to do SEO for my business and generate leads through PPC. 

Rohit Gupta

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Advance Digital Marketing Course

₹ 45,000
  • Website Optimization Course
  • Search Engine Optimization Course
  • Social Media Marketing Course
  • Paid Search, Display & Re-marketing
  • Email Marketing, Content Marketing
  • Analytics & Digital Strategy

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The Essentials in Digital Marketing

₹ 15,000
  • Blogging + SEO or Affiliate Marketing + SEO or Advanced SEO
  • PPC or Google Ads Search, Display & Re-marketing Course
  • Email Marketing with Mail Chimp
  • WordPress Essentials Training Themes + Plugins + Hosting
  • Google Analytics
  • Social Media Essentials Course

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