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An effective online marketing strategy depends on getting leads and turning those leads into loyal customers. While referrals are always a powerful way to gain new business, marketers also consider other factors like the type of product or service, target audience, and location. Each lead you acquire will swiftly go through sales funnel. If your customer loves your product, as a result, will build a lasting relationship with your brand. Unfortunately, this does happen as not every lead is qualified to sustain through cracks in sales pipelines.  

There are several reasons for affecting low sales. For instance, the leads are not ideal ones who can benefit from your service, they are contacted in a wrong way, using the wrong platform, or lack of follow-up. Which can result in either your lead forgot about your product or they getting intimated with excessive follow-up. However, there can be times when the sales outreach is simply done at the wrong time, where the lead is interested but unable to make purchases.

The above-mentioned leads are the right examples of dead leads, also referred to as bad leads or cold leads. Perhaps, marketers struggle to get these leads into conversion funnel and eventually converts them into dead leads. Although, a strategic marketer always make a plan to follow on dead leads. While other marketers, immediately dismiss dead leads to longer target them.

Ultimately, the problem with both the approaches is that the business loses out on potential buyers and loyal customers. Thus, no lead (or dead lead) should be easily given up on. With a similar indication, a business shouldn’t employ more time and effort into the dead lead that won’t convert.

Here are 5 Steps to Revive Dead Leads

It takes lots of efforts to locate, engage, as well as to not trust a lead. In fact, there are no reasons to refer a lead as dead until you confirm. Read these tactics that will help you revive the spark and turn leads into loyal customers.


Step1: Identify opportunities to reconnect

Calling or sending out emails abruptly may work for some dead leads who simply have forgotten out your product. Reconnecting dead leads is a balancing act. You need to stay on the top of your prospect mind, but also want to avoid turning them off completely. 

Most of the businesses are in a constant state of changing and adapting to market demands, departure, employees acquisitions, and growth. Although, often change leads to opportunities.

Search for events which might indicate that once a lead is dead may have a renewed interest in your business. These events come in many forms while growth indicators are usually the best signal to re-engage.

Step 2: Change up your contact routine

If you’re reaching out dead leads on the same day & time, there can be many reasons as to why your message goes unanswered. These leads may not be genuinely interested in, ‘what you have to offer’ and ‘ignore your calls’.

It can also mean that you’re reaching out to them at the time that isn’t convenient for them. Try changing up the time and days’ to see if you make any headway. Consequently, the interested dead lead will get back to you.

Step 3: Segment content with audience

The best tool to attract dead leads is with the power of content. It’s the most effective strategy for achieving those competing goals. Share quality content at the right time to offer value to the deal lead while subtly remind them about your expertise. Here, the strategy is to address their needs. Collect notes in CRM/ CMS data to select targeted content that speaks directly to the needs of the prospect.

Segmenting your leads will help you send them targeted content to the appropriate lead category. If you’re sending out the same content to your dead leads, the message won’t as impactful. Since the dead leads are resistant towards making an investment decision in your brand. They’re not going to be interested in your brand. Therefore, a strategic plan will comprise an activity to build a relationship with the prospect.

Step 4: Prepare to reconnect

There can be instances when there is no communication from your company for weeks or years. The longer a ‘lead’ isn’t contacted, the more are the chances to lose them. This needs a long-term planning which can be done to prepare for the “reconnect”. However, these dead leads are complex to bring back to sales funnel as they have most likely to remember your brand. You need to put in more efforts to re-establish trust.

While preparing to reconnect with dead leads, ensure the conversation is about them. Begin with introducing yourself and your company. This involves making them acquainted with your brand.

Step 5: Engage the lead

Converting the right quantity of qualified leads is the heartbeat of any marketing operation. Engaging builds a great reputation among the leads. While keeping even dead leads in the communication loop is a great foundation in stay connected. If there is no interaction or any other form of engagement, will distant from possibly becoming customers.

Social media is a powerful tool to engage with customers easier than ever. Marketers can now like, share, comment, and chat with dead leads across multiple social media platforms. In the digital age, building a rapport with customers have become easy with instant communication and gratification. Because people time is more valuable than ever. People level of patient and attention span has also grown shorter. These factors combined with the personal nature of social media networking makes online interactions and engagement highly successful.



Identifying a large number of dead leads is the first step to successful business conversion. It’s a good indication that your marketing outreach efforts are targeting the wrong audience. In order to get qualified leads, you need to do some research about your targeted audience and implement a strong SEO. Moreover, utilize strategic keywords to target potential audience. SEO does more than generating the lead, but it attracts higher-quality of leads those are more likely to convert. To conclude, you may require a formal education in digital marketing and search engine optimization to promote online conversion.

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