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Only 1 out of 10 internet users know that they can use Google search engines for image search. In this post, read interesting facts about Google images search engine.

Google image search is an owned Google Inc. (a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc.). It allows the user to search the Web for image content. The fun fact is that the Google launch image search in the year 2001 on 21 July when user search for pictures of Jennifer Lopez’s green Versace dress. The traffic was increased fortnight that Google decided to build a new platform for image searches.

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You can use the Google images advanced searches for images as you can search for a website. For example, you can check out the images of the best tourist places or popular festivals. Let’s see how to find free images in Google Advanced Image Search.

What is the history of Google Image Search?

Initially, Google search results were invented with the intent for users to find simple text pages with links. The developers work to improve the Google image search tool to answer the most popular queries on the web. By the year, 2001, over 250 million images were index. Eventually, the number grew to 1 billion images by 2005. And 10 billion by 2010.

The next update of Google was in 2007 when developers change google image search user interface. Although, the image URL and resolution was hidden until the user hovers on the Google image thumbnail. In fact, the feature discontinued after few weeks.

In 2009, the developers modify the feature to its image search to find similar images.

In 2011, Google added the reverse image search functionality. The feature support users to find related images from the web. Amazing thing is that now you can find the credentials of the photographer with the research tool.

Google Image Search Features

The tool has a search image features. The feature performs reverse images searches. Traditionally, the image retrieval text to find the images. Now the user does not need to input the keyword or terms to find related images into Google search engines. Now, just need to input photo to find answers. Results may include images, web pages, results, and different image resolutions

There are also several tools like Bing Images, Image search, Picsearch, TinEye, Yahoo Image Search, and more which do offer similar features.

Google Advanced Image Search

Google Advanced Image Search allows filter results. It lets you find images, videos, and text accessible to use. The tool comes handy with drop-down menus found on Google Image search results page. The option is easily found in the settings menu. Under the setting section, you can tweak the image search in different ways. Let’s look at some of the options Google advance image search filters have to offer:

  • Colour: Stop the search for boring colours black, white, or grey. Now, with the new advanced feature, you can search any full-colour images. All you need to do is highlight the image and pick a colour.
  • Domain: Find the specific domain or website where the image is displayed.
  • SafeSearch: Tired with explicit image results. Specify your preference and find the best matching images.
  • File Types: Search for particular file formats of images.
  • Size: This is as addon features for users to look for specific sie of images. The filter is subdivided as small, medium, and large images.
  • Keywords: Now the popular search engine allows the user to filter image results by using a keyword or long-keyword phrase or related keywords.

Google Images Copyrights

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Although Google Image Search and its counterpart at Bing will surface many targeted photos and line drawings for you to enjoy, you cannot assume that you can download those images and re-use them without attribution. Most images enjoy copyright protection and cannot be modified, used or displayed without the original owner’s consent.

Google Filter Image Results

It’s inevitable that sometime in your web-search travels you’re going to come across something offensive. Google offers many options for keeping searches safe. By default, a moderate SafeSearch content filter is activated when you use Google Images; this filtering blocks the display of potentially offensive images only, and not text.

Toggle this SafeSearch filter in any search results page by clicking the Safe Search drop-down menu and clicking Filter Explicit Results. Alternatively, shut off SafeSearch to see the raw, unfiltered results of your query.

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