SEO Marketing Meaning: Why it is different from Digital and SEM Marketing

There are thousands of online and offline marketing guides to explain SEO meaning in digital marketing. But to the contrary, none focus on the meaning of SEO marketing.

In the previous post, we explained what SEO is and why SEO marketing is important? But before comparing SEO marketing with other terms, it is crucial to understand the related terms.

What is SEO marketing?

SEO marketing meaning is not as complex as you think. SEO or search engine optimization marketing is a combination of efforts to rank a website in search engines. The core purpose of SEO is to get organic traffic from search engines. An SEO marketing optimized website is easily understood by search engine crawlers. Thus, increases the chances to rank higher in SERP’s.

SEO Marketing vs. SEO Digital Marketing

Many marketers consider SEO and digital marketing to be synonyms. However, the meaning of both terms is different. Building confusion between the two is easy as both comprise of similar-looking attributes. An SEO expert is someone who contributes his expertise, knowledge, and experience to streamline review through website optimization

Whereas digital marketing is an approach to increase brands overall exposure online. In combination with various digital media strategy. Some common digital marketing practice area

  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Affiliation marketing

SEO marketing is an obviously less broad term in comparison to digital marketing. Digital marketing technique has few options at their disposal like SMS, TV, Billboard, Radio and other resources. Since, both the terms overlap each other dynamically, both are impossible to separate.

However, SEO marketing is a concern to increase website visitors. While digital marketing is a concern to boost overall online presence and visibility.

SEO Marketing Vs. SEM Marketing

SEM full form in digital marketing is Search Engine Marketing. Beginners to SEO can get confused between the two: SEO and SEM. Is there any difference between them?

SEO marketing is a combination of strategy, techniques, and tactics used to increase the number of website visitors. While SEM internet marketing technique helps to increase website visibility through organic search engine results pages and paid advertisement (PPC). SEM comprises of various tactics including SEO, being most predominant one.

We are sure, now you understand the meaning of SEO internet marketing strategy. If not? Here are a few things you might consider to get more clarity into the topic.

SEO is broadly classified as On-Page SEO Optimization and Off-Page Optimization. On-Page Optimization SEO incorporates selective keyword naturally in the title, Meta tags, meta description etc. Similarly pay per click in important element to SEM.

Which Marketing Tactics is Highly Useful?

You may marketer’s debate on the benefit of either of the one interned market technique. Many inbound marketers are biased to the fact that SEO is a great approach, thereby; SEM has its own limitations to use of organic SEO.

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