How to Connect Twitter Account with your Facebook Business Page




You can link your Facebook Business Page with a Twitter account which helps you to share your Facebook posts of Twitter. This article shows you how to connect Twitter Account with Facebook Business Page. After you’ve linked your page, you can choose the types of post that you want to share example status or photos.

2 Steps to Connect Twitter Account with  Facebook Business Page

Are you frustrated to create a post on Facebook and at the same time tweet on twitter? We can help you with taking one element out of your list by making your Facebook post updated automatically on Twitter.

Step 1:  Go to

How to Connect Twitter Account with your Facebook Business Page
Twitter and other pages icon

The first step is to open the link ‘’. Make sure you are an admin of the page to link it to a Twitter account. It will request you to sign-in to your account. As you log in, you’ll be able to see a list of the Facebook business page linked to your account.

Step 2. Click Link to Twitter and follow the on-screen instructions.

As you click on ‘Link to Twitter’, the browser will redirect to you on a twitter account. You may require to sign-in to your twitter account, in order to ‘authorize Facebook to use your twitter account’.

Connect Twitter Account with your Facebook Business Page
Login to your Facebook profile to authorize the app

Great! Now, your Twitter account is linked to a Facebook business page. See, the confirmation message.

your facebook page is now linked to twitter

How to choose the types of posts that you want to share

1. Go to

How to Connect Twitter Account with your Facebook Business Page
Add Twitter to Facebook Business Page

2. Below Edit Settings, click to check the box next to the things you want to share on Twitter.

twitter to facebook

3. Click ‘Save Changes’.

facebook to twitter save changes

After username and password, the application will redirect you back to Facebook and the authorization lets you tweet your message every time you post on Facebook for your fans. If you any other suggestion to connect Twitter Account with Facebook Business Page, comment down below.

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