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Developing WordPress websites is not enough. You need countable plugins to secure and optimize a website for users. WordPress offers an easy platform for non-developers to create a website. But, it comes with its own cons. Like, speed optimization, image optimization, and other content optimization issues.

A non-developers using WordPress can be heroic if learn the importance of key plugin. There are a few WordPress plugins you need to improve website performance. Surely, there are many ways to boost your website performance. And image optimization is one of several techniques.

What is Image Optimization Plugin?

Image optimization is a process to resize, compress, optimize, and compress images. Optimizing images for the website manually is a challenging task. But how will you optimize when a website has over 1000 images? Do worry! It is easier than you think.

Why do you need to Optimize Images?

Images are critical to engaging web users. Besides, compliment modern web design. Images add value to a website by transforming a plain-looking design into an attractive website. When images paired with text, they can support the message. Thus, making it more appealing for visitors. Here are a few more reasons to convince you.

  1. The purpose to get an image optimization is to achieve the best design and relatively strengthen conversion.
  2. Your website will load more quickly.
  3. Website content will appear more attractive to users and search engines.
  4. You will be able to use high-resolution images optimize to website.
  5. Reduce image file size to improve website page speed.
  6. Eliminate server CPU time response to save hosting cost
  7. Easy to take website backup
  8. Save money by saving on extra server bandwidth.

Now, we have discussed all the pros and cons to optimizing images for the website. Let’s get into the main topic of the post. There is some cool image optimization plugin for WordPress to automate the process.  How to optimize images in WordPress using a plugin? We understand your budget constraints. Keeping that in mind we picked best free image optimization WordPress plugin.

Free Image Optimization Plugin WordPress

1. Smush Image Optimization

Smush is a free image optimization plugin for WordPress. The image optimizer is incredibly efficient for unlimited WordPress websites. The plugin is testes to blaze you with fast load times. Semush is benchmarked number one for speed and quality.

Features of Smush

  • Strip unused data
  • Do not hamper image quality
  • Defer offscreen images within seconds
  • Bulk image optimization for WordPress
  • Resize image height and width by compressing the size
  • Locate incorrect image size in the media library
  • Compatible with multisite
  • Process all files  including JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc
  • Optimize all of your images up to 5MB in size forever

2. Photo Gallery by 10Web For Mobile Image Optimization

Resizing photos for mobile is equally important for images and devices. Mobile optimize images are responsive to users. Photo Gallery is a free WordPress Mobile Image Optimization tool. The tool is packed with stunning layouts options, gallery, and multiple widgets.

Features of Photo Gallery

  • Increase website visitors
  • Enhanced search engine optimization
  • Better page navigation
  • Modern web design
  • Complete control with high-resolution images
  • Timely support and solution

3. Robin Image Optimizer

Robin image optimizer by Webcraftic is a free website image optimization plugin. The plugin helps to reduce images weight by 80% without loss of quality. Web designers looking ways to optimize images for free that quick the process for mobile and tablet devices. Robin image optimizer has no limitations that you may stumble.

Features of Robin image optimizer

  • Free to use
  • Do not have restrictions on image optimization
  • Automatic optimization using Cron
  • Manual bulk image optimization WordPress website plugin
  • Take backup so that you can restore lost images
  • Reduce pre-optimized image weight  by changing the size of the images

4. EWWW Image Optimizer For WordPress

ewww image optimizer

Increase your website page speed with EWWW image optimizer WordPress plugin. Do not get frustrated with speed of image optimization. Ewww, claim to understand the importance to drive customers. The plugin helps increase page speeds by optimizing images. Increase webpage rank high in search engine results.

Features of EWWW Image Optimizer

  • Automatically save from storage space and bandwidth
  • Automatically optimize new images
  • Optimize already uploaded images
  • Chose perfect pixel compression
  • Store images in best file format
  • Features special integrations with popular plugins

5. Short Pixel – Adaptive Images WordPress Plugin

If your website needs heavy optimization then this tool is perfect for you. If you are using a Popular site and has a large image database, then the short pixel is best for this type of blogs, Comes in free and Paid Versions.

Features of Short Pixel

  • Compress JPG, PNG, GIF easily test lossy/lossless versions
  • Bulk Image Optimizer
  • Compatible with watermarking plugins
  • Works great with NextGEN gallery
  • CDN Support
  • 100 Photo Credits

Getting Started With Image Optimization

Every WordPress understand the significance of website speed and compatibility to mobile and web. But if images do not load very fast and corrupt in the way this may impact in a bad way. Thus, image optimization for a website is very important.

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