What is Digital Marketing?





Digital marketing is a process to market product or service where the consumer spend maximum time i.e on Internet. It comprises of blend of several strategies and channels to connect with customers. Digital marketing campaigns may include using search engines, email, mobile, website, social media, landing page to engage customers.


“Digital marketing encompasses all marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet. Businesses leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and their websites to connect with current and prospective customers.”


What are the Benefits of Digital Marketing?

Benefits of digital marketing includes the following:

  • Website traffic: Digital marketing allows to identify the number of people view your site through digital analytics software.
  • Less time taking: Time is very valuable and no one let it go. Whereas internet marketing takes less time than traditional marketing.
  • Lead generation: You can not only measure number of people enagaging with content but also helps in generating qualified leads.
  • Targeted marketing: People spend more than 4 hours a day on mobile phones or laptops. so that is more obvious to target audience at one place through the internet.
  • Innovative method of earning: You do not need to start a business to earn money. There are many different ways that work as a medium of advertising for business which gets you paid.
  • Better than traditional: The business can rocket to success with better targeting customer needs.


What is the best Digital Marketing Strategy?

Best digital marketing strategy is a series of actions that facilitate to achieve business goals. Although it includes careful selecting of online marketing platform. Furthermore, these channels can be classified as paid, earned, and owned media.

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Here are few commonly used digital marketing strategies.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO is a process to optimize your website to rank high in search engine, thereby, increasing the volume of organic search.
  • Content Marketing: Content marketing denotes creation and promotion of content assets for the purpose of engaging customers.
  • Affliate Marketing: It is a performance-based advertising technique where the user review a commison for featuring someone else product or services online.
  • Marketing Automaton: It refers to as a software that serves to automate key marketing operations. For instance, newsletters, social media posts, campaign tracking, digital marketing analytics, and more.
  • Email Marketing: Email marketing is an innovative way to communicate with customers online through emails. Since emails are the most common type of modern digital marketing tool.
  • Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing is a technique to promote business on social media. However, the major benefit includes brand awareness, generate leads, drive traffic, engage customers etc.
  • Pay Per Click (PPC): PPC is a method to drive website traffic by paying commission everytime a user clicks on an Ad. In fact, Google Adword is the most common type of PPC. It allows digital marketing analyst to pay for top slots in Google search engine.


Are you ready for Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing offers vast business and employment opportunities. It is only a matter of utilizing right digital marketing strategy at right platform of your audience online. No doubt you can thing of some areas of your strategy that needs little improvement.

Do lets us know if you liked this fundamental guide for getting started with digital marketing.

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