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Facebook is extremely popular worldwide and marketers understand its potential for growing a brand. However, taking advantage of its wide appeal is not as easy as many people think it is. In 2012, the website had 8 million pages jumping up to 16 million pages in 2013. Since then the number of business pages on the site continues to grow exponentially. Unfortunately, some business owners benefit more from using the website than others do. For example, they generate more likes, followers, leads, and shares than their business rivals do. Eventually, they establish a dominant presence in this social media platform, which slowly leads to increased market share within their industry. You can become part of those businesses achieving great success on Facebook. Here are some Facebook marketing tips that will help you to do just that.

You should make regular posts.

Human beings are the same online and offline. For example, they love it when something keeps them entertained and they will gravitate to that source of entertainment. In this case, your posts will keep your followers interested in your page. It will help them to see that your organization is a serious one and it will not be fading away as others normally do. When people know that you are constantly updating your products and services, they will come to you to see what is new. They will also feel that they can contact you on your Facebook page anytime they need to make an inquiry. Moreover, it is likely that some of your followers will share one of your posts if you make several posts in a day. They might even share more than one post.

Keep your audience engaged.

Getting people interested in your posts is one thing, keeping them engaged is another one. Marketers know that successful leads are not just for displaying a product for consumers to see, but rather a complex system of negotiations that eventually lead to results. In the same way, you should reply to comments by your followers. In fact, encourage them to comment by asking questions such as, “What do you think of our latest product?” or “Have you tried out this new service we are offering” These comments will lead to comments such as “what are the benefits of using it?” or “where can I get it? It looks interesting.” These comments provide you with an excellent opportunity to market your products and generate leads. Remember, some people will read those comments and your replies. They make no comment themselves, but they can just as well benefit from the information you post in your replies to comments on your Facebook page.

Your Facebook page should be colorful.

Colorful in this case means that you should embrace a bit of diversity in how you communicate to your audience. Remember, people come on Facebook because they feel bored while working or they just want to show what their friends are doing. It means that Facebook users will block, ignore, or unfollow your page if you always have the same repetitive message and means of delivery. For example, you cannot just say, “We have great products to offer you” repetitively. Instead, you have to use exciting words when posting about a product or service. You should also consider using quality pictures that are relevant to your line of work as posts. Videos are also a great idea. This complex mix of audio-visual texts appeals to Facebook users especially millennial users because they love excitement.

You have to use facts and statistics.

Many people just know that Facebook has 1.5 billion users. They do not know any additional facts on this giant social media platform. For example, engagement on Facebook is 18% higher on Thursday and Friday when compared to other days of the week. It means that you should post critical services on these days such as offers or tutorial videos. However, you should not ignore the other days of the week, because if people do not notice you on those days, then they will definitely not engage you on Thursday and Friday. You should also note that the highest Facebook traffic occurs during the middle of the week from 1 pm to 3 pm. However, it is important for you to note that the highest level of engagement occurs at around 7 pm. It means posting mid-week at around 1 pm to 3 pm will get your exposure to many people, but most of them will engage with you from 7 pm.

Have a clear vision and call people to action.

Facebook marketing tips cannot work unless you have a clear vision of what you are marketing. The problem for most newcomers to this world of advertising is that they confuse their potential consumers. For example, you can bombard your audience with so many offers, products, and services that at the end of the day, they are not sure about what your company offers. To avoid this kind of confusion, have some clarity contained in your sales pitch. You could use a slogan or motto constantly to remind your followers of what you do. Be sure to incorporate this slogan or motto into your post creatively so that it does not sound mundane to your audience. You should also call people to action. Remember, you are in the business of making profit so do not post things on Facebook just for the sake of it. Instead, ask your followers to visit your office or to try your products. You can also ask them to share it with their friends. Some of your followers may want to do such things, but they feel more inclined to it when you ask them to than when you do not have a call to action.

These are the best Facebook marketing tips. Use them and you will surely benefit from this social media platform. In fact, 42% of advertisers and marketers say that Facebook is vital to the prosperity of their firms. Take advantage of this social media website today so that you can see why so many marketers value it so highly. Doing so will help you increase your market share and profit margins.

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