Free Music for YouTube Videos: Enhance Your Content with Uppbeat, Bensound, and More




Key Takeaways

  • Utilize free music resources like Uppbeat, Bensound, Incompetech, YouTube Audio Library, Free Music Archive, and others to enhance the quality of your YouTube videos.
  • Explore a variety of genres and moods offered by these free music platforms to find the perfect soundtrack that complements the content and atmosphere of your videos.
  • Ensure compliance with copyright regulations by choosing music from sources that offer royalty-free or Creative Commons-licensed tracks.
  • Experiment with different music styles to create engaging and captivating video content that resonates with your audience.
  • Elevate the production value of your videos by incorporating high-quality, free music from reputable sources, making your content more appealing and professional.
  • By using these free music resources, you can add depth and emotion to your videos, ultimately increasing viewer engagement and retention.

Enhance Your Videos with Free Music Resources

Incorporating the right music can be a game-changer. Here’s how you can access free and legal music track downloads for your YouTube videos.

  • Royalty-Free Libraries: Numerous websites offer royalty-free music bundles for download. Platforms like Music Vine and Soundtracks provide high-quality tracks and free royalty downloads that can be used in your video projects without worrying about copyright issues.
  • Look for songs under Creative Commons licensing, which allows artists to share their work freely under certain conditions. Websites like Free Music Archive offer an extensive collection of songs available for download.
  • YouTube Audio Library: YouTube itself provides a vast library of free songs and sounds that creators can use in their videos without facing copyright claims. With options ranging from genres to moods, the music service offers an easily accessible music catalog directly within the platform.
  • Attribution Requirements: While many resources offer free downloads of royalty-free music, some songs may require attribution in the video description. Make sure to check each track’s licensing terms and royalty before using songs in your content.

1. Uppbeat

Uppbeat is a platform that offers a wide range of high-quality royalty-free music songs for YouTube videos, making it an ideal service for creators looking to enhance their content without the worry of copyright claims. The platform’s user-friendly interface provides easy search and filter options, allowing creators to quickly find the perfect track from the music library to match the mood or theme of their project.

Creators can easily browse through different genres and moods, ensuring that they find songs that perfectly complements their content. With Uppbeat, there’s no need to pay for individual tracks or worry about licensing issues, making it an invaluable resource for creators who want to focus on their hard work without being held back by legal concerns.

Uppbeat allows creators to download songs without any copyright issues, eliminating the stress often associated with finding suitable music for YouTube videos. This convenience not only saves time but also ensures that creators can maintain a consistent level of quality in their projects.

2. Bensound

Bensound offers a vast collection of free music tracks suitable for various video genres, making it easy to find the perfect sound for any content. Whether it’s upbeat and energetic or mellow and soothing, there’s something for every type of video.

The platform provides clear licensing terms, downloads, pricing, and plans, ensuring that creators understand how they can use the music in their YouTube videos without running into copyright issues. This transparency gives peace of mind to content creators who want to avoid potential legal complications and best pricing plans.

One standout feature of Bensound is its offering of both instrumental and vocal tracks for music downloads. This diversity allows creators to easily find the best fit for their specific needs and pricing plans. Whether someone is looking for background music with no lyrics or a catchy tune with vocals, Bensound has it covered with downloads, pricing, and plans.

Creators can filter options based on genre, mood, popularity, and pricing, making it convenient to navigate through the extensive library and find the ideal track quickly. Users have access to sound effects and music downloads that can add an extra layer of depth and creativity to their videos at no extra cost.

3. Incompetech

Incompetech is the best website that boasts a vast library of royalty-free music downloads composed by Kevin MacLeod, making it an ideal resource for content creators seeking high-quality music without the hassle of licensing fees. Creators can easily search for the best music downloads on Incompetech based on genre, mood, or tempo, allowing them to find the perfect soundtrack to complement their videos.

Moreover, Incompetech provides detailed information about licensing requirements, attribution guidelines, and downloads. This transparency empowers creators to confidently use the music downloads in their projects while ensuring compliance with copyright regulations. By offering downloads and this level of detail, Incompetech fosters a sense of trust and reliability among its users.

Incompetech supports independent artists by providing a platform for exposure and recognition. Through this website, musicians can showcase their work to a global audience while also contributing to the creative endeavors of video content producers.

The user-friendly interface and comprehensive categorization system make it easy for creators to navigate through the extensive collection of tracks available on Incompetech’s website. This streamlines the process of finding suitable music for various types of content creation.

4. YouTube Audio Library

The YouTube Audio Library is an extensive resource that offers a diverse collection of free music and sound effects directly within the YouTube platform, making it convenient for content creators to find suitable audio accompaniments for their videos.

  • Content creators can explore various genres, moods, and instrumentations within the library, allowing them to match different video styles with appropriate music.
  • The platform enables easy downloading and seamless integration of selected tracks into YouTube videos through its user-friendly interface.

5. Free Music Archive

The Free Music Archive offers a diverse collection of free music spanning various genres and artists, making it an ideal resource for content creators seeking the perfect soundtrack for their YouTube videos. Users can easily navigate through the library by browsing genres, curators, or charts to discover tracks that align with their specific needs.

One of the standout features of the Free Music Archive is its provision of Creative Commons licenses for each track. This empowers content creators to understand and adhere to usage instructions seamlessly. The clear licensing information ensures that users can confidently incorporate the music into their projects without concerns about copyright infringement.

For individuals looking for a free music library that provides comprehensive options across different styles and themes, this platform stands out as an invaluable resource. Whether it’s background melodies for vlogs or energetic tunes for tutorials, the Free Music Archive caters to a wide array of content creation needs.

6. Public Domain music on YouTube

Exploring the vast selection of public domain music available on YouTube reveals a treasure trove for content creators. With no copyright restrictions, this type of music offers an ideal solution for those seeking to avoid any potential copyright issues when using background music in their videos.

Using public-domain music in YouTube videos not only eliminates the risk of copyright claims but also allows creators to use classical pieces or other popular tunes without worrying about commercial use limitations. This freedom empowers YouTube creators to enhance their content with high-quality soundtracks that resonate with their audience.

Several popular channels and playlists curate public-domain music, making it easily accessible for content creators. For example, channels like “Audio Library” and “Musopen” offer a wide range of classical compositions and other genres that are free from copyright constraints. Playlists such as “Best Public Domain Music” provide convenient compilations catering to various moods and themes.

7. Soundcloud

Soundcloud is a valuable resource for finding free music for YouTube videos. Many artists offer their tracks under Creative Commons licenses on Soundcloud, allowing creators to use their music for non-commercial purposes as long as they give proper attribution.

When using music from Soundcloud in YouTube videos, it’s important to properly attribute the artists. This typically involves including the artist’s name, track title, and a link to the original track in the video description. By doing so, creators can ensure that they are complying with the terms of the Creative Commons license and giving credit to the musicians who have generously shared their work.

For example:

  • Some independent musicians release their tracks exclusively on Soundcloud under Creative Commons licenses.
  • Creators can easily search for specific genres or moods of music on Soundcloud through tags and categories.
  • Properly attributing artists not only fulfills legal requirements but also helps promote these talented individuals by directing viewers back to their profiles or websites.

8. NoCopyrightSounds

NoCopyrightSounds (NCS) stands out as a go-to hub for copyright-free electronic dance music (EDM), making it a prime choice for YouTube content creators. With over 27 million subscribers, NCS offers an extensive library of tracks from well-known artists like Alan Walker, RetroVision, and Tobu.

The platform is synonymous with EDM hits that have become staples in countless YouTube videos. Tracks such as “Fade” by Alan Walker and “Sky High” by Elektronomia are just a couple of the many popular choices frequently used by creators looking to enhance their videos without facing copyright claims.

When using NCS music in YouTube videos, it’s crucial to adhere to the licensing terms and requirements set forth by the platform. Creators must ensure they properly attribute the music according to NCS guidelines and understand any specific usage restrictions for individual tracks.

Incorporating NCS music can elevate video content while safeguarding against potential copyright issues, providing creators with peace of mind as they share their work on YouTube.

9. Chillhop Music

Chillhop music offers a versatile soundtrack for various YouTube content, from vlogs to tutorials, creating a laid-back ambiance that resonates with audiences. This genre combines the soothing elements of lo-fi hip-hop with chill beats and jazzy melodies, making it ideal for background music in videos.

Popular channels like Chillhop Music, ChilledCow, and Ambition provide a vast selection of free-to-use chillhop tracks suitable for different video themes. These channels feature music from talented artists such as L’Indécis, Aso, and Idealism, offering creators an extensive library of high-quality tunes without copyright restrictions.

When using chillhop music in YouTube videos, proper crediting is crucial to comply with licensing requirements. Creators must include the artist’s name and track title in the video description along with links to the original track or channel. Attributing the music within the video itself by displaying text overlays or mentioning it verbally enhances transparency and acknowledges the artists’ work.

10. ccMixter

ccMixter is a community-driven platform that offers a vast collection of remixes and original music for creators to use in their YouTube videos. The platform operates under Creative Commons licenses, which allow artists to share their work with specific usage guidelines.

With the variety of Creative Commons licenses available on ccMixter, creators can easily find music that aligns with their content creation needs while respecting the rights of the original artists. These licenses provide clear instructions on how the music can be used, whether it’s for non-commercial purposes or if it requires attribution.

Notable artists contribute their tracks to ccMixter, providing creators with access to high-quality and diverse music options for their YouTube videos. This includes both established names in the industry as well as emerging talents, offering a wide range of genres and styles to suit different video themes and moods.

11. TeknoAxe

TeknoAxe is a valuable resource for creators seeking diverse royalty-free music. With a focus on rock, electronic, and orchestral genres, it offers an extensive library of tracks suitable for various video themes.

The platform stands out by providing popular tracks that cater to different video styles and moods. Whether it’s an upbeat vlog or a dramatic documentary, TeknoAxe has a selection of music to enhance the storytelling in YouTube videos.

Creators benefit from clear licensing requirements and attribution guidelines when using TeknoAxe’s music. This transparency ensures that content producers can confidently utilize the music without worrying about copyright infringements.

12. Purple Planet

Purple Planet is a valuable resource for creators seeking free music tracks for their YouTube videos. The website offers an extensive range of music across various genres, including ambient, cinematic, and rock, catering to diverse video themes and moods.

Creators can explore different categories and styles of music on Purple Planet, such as uplifting, mysterious, or intense tracks. This variety allows them to find the perfect sound that complements the tone and message of their content.

Downloading and using tracks from Purple Planet’s collection is straightforward. Creators can easily navigate the website to discover suitable music for their videos. Once selected, they can quickly download the chosen track in MP3 format without any hassle or hidden fees.

13. Jamendo

Jamendo is a platform where independent artists share their music under Creative Commons licenses. This means that creators can access a wide variety of music without worrying about copyright issues when using it in their YouTube videos.

Using music from Jamendo not only benefits content creators but also supports emerging artists. It provides exposure to lesser-known musicians, giving them a platform to showcase their work and gain recognition.

Moreover, Jamendo offers popular tracks and playlists suitable for different video genres. Whether it’s an upbeat track for a travel vlog or soothing background music for a tutorial, the platform caters to various content styles and themes.

For instance, if you’re creating a tech review video, you can easily find electronic or ambient tracks on Jamendo that complement the futuristic vibe of your content. Similarly, if your video revolves around cooking or food exploration, there are plenty of culinary-themed tunes available.

14. Free Stock Music

Free Stock Music is a valuable resource for creators seeking high-quality royalty-free music for their YouTube videos. The platform offers different licensing options, including commercial use licenses, ensuring that content creators can use the music without worrying about copyright issues.

Creators can access a wide range of popular tracks and playlists recommended specifically for YouTubers on Free Stock Music. This allows them to easily find suitable background music that enhances the appeal of their videos while complying with copyright regulations.

The availability of real instruments in the free music offered by Free Stock Music ensures that creators have access to professional-sounding tracks without any financial investment. This feature is particularly beneficial for independent content creators and small businesses operating on limited budgets.

15. FoxiMusic

FoxiMusic is a valuable resource for creators seeking royalty-free music for their YouTube videos. The website offers a diverse collection of tracks, catering to various moods and genres, ensuring that content creators can find the perfect sound to complement their visuals.

The user-friendly interface of FoxiMusic simplifies the process of discovering suitable music. With intuitive search options such as genre, mood, instrument, and duration filters, users can efficiently navigate through the extensive library to locate the ideal track for their specific requirements.

Moreover, FoxiMusic provides clear licensing terms and attribution guidelines. This transparency allows creators to understand how they can use the music within the scope of their projects while respecting copyright regulations. By offering this guidance upfront, FoxiMusic empowers creators with the knowledge they need to confidently incorporate high-quality music into their content without legal concerns.

In addition to these benefits, many content creators appreciate that FoxiMusic’s tracks are specifically tailored for YouTube videos. This focus ensures that the music seamlessly aligns with YouTube’s licensing requirements and minimizes potential issues related to copyright claims or demonetization.

6 Steps to Add Free YouTube Music in Videos

  • Step 1: Log in to the YouTube Account
  • Step 2: Click on ‘Profile Video’
  • Step 3: Click on ‘YouTube Studio’
  • Step 4: Select ‘Audio Library’
  • Step 5: Go to ‘Free Music’
  • Step 6: Select and download your favorite music from the list
Youtube music free
Youtube music free

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